Tailored Curtains: How to pick the best for your room

Tailored Curtains are known for their clean lines and perfect fit, after all they are the window dressing equivalent of a tailored suit. They are made to measure, therefore they are usually made to the highest quality and look very crisp and clean when finished. If you want to go for tailored curtains one of the most important things to think about is the fabric. Silk, velvet, and cotton are the most common fabrics used in tailored curtains, and the one you choose may depend on the decor of the room as well as the price - silk being more expensive than cotton.

What type of fabric is best for tailored curtains?


Silk is a very popular choice when it comes to tailored curtains, as they not only look classy but if it is luxury you want then silk is a good choice. The only downside to opting for silk is the fact that it can be slightly more expensive than, say cotton. However they are durable as well as attractive, silk can come in all different colours and patterns, and they can be easily cut and shaped to whatever style necessary. Silk curtains can also be lined to give them a heavier look and feel.


Velvet curtains are not as easy to mould, they are again more expensive than cotton and can give a room a luxurious feel. Velvet might not be the best choice for a modern minimalist house however they can look good in a grand older style house. Velvet can add a decadence to a room and in a bedroom they can give it that boudoir look and feel.


Lined cotton is often used for tailored curtains, they can often be pleated and gathered to add a touch of style and sophistication. Cotton is cheaper than velvet or silk, they could be more suitable for a modern apartment or new build house. Depending on the kind of look you are going for, cotton is also suitable for children's bedrooms and for the kitchen.

Where can I get tailored curtains?

Tailored curtains are made to measure and fit perfectly to your window or door. There are various options when it comes to purchasing tailored curtains, the most traditional way being a specialist curtain store. Bedbathstore.com and Curtainshouse.com are two online stores where you can look for suitable curtains and compare prices. You might be surprised, but even Amazon.com stocks curtains, and while what you find here may not have the same amount of class you're looking for, it's not a bad place to do some comparison shopping or find competitive prices. Once you've done some preliminary browsing and research, it's time to check out a local curtain specialist store. There's simply no way to get the same quality online as you can in person, from an expert who literally tailors curtains to fit your needs.

Specialist curtain store

There are very few professional specialist curtain stores around these days, however the few that are left are the cream of the crop. These stores usually have an array of fabrics to choose from, and you can usually decide on your fabric in store and book an appointment for a home consultation. Or you could choose to book an appointment and choose your fabric at home. The consultant will normally thoroughly measure the window area and note down all measurements, then he or she will go through a whole range of fabrics and designs. This will include providing various options when it comes to curtain poles and hanging options. Once all has been decided the curtains should usually take between 7 and 10 business days to complete. The curtain fitting expert will come back on your allotted day and fit the tailored curtains to your specifications.

Online Shopping for Tailored Curtains

Believe it or not tailored curtains can be purchased online, however you will have to measure your own windows, decide on the fabric and curtain poles. There are a couple of options here, because some websites do offer a fitting service. However if a fitting service is not available, there is still the option of hiring a professional to come and fit them. After all tailored curtains will obviously be more expensive than off the shelf curtains, therefore having them fitted by a professional might be the best way forward.

Tailored Curtain Design: What to consider

When buying tailored curtains, it is always best to bare certain factors in mind.

  • Cost-How much are you willing to spend? Money no object or on a budget?
  • Size-How much fabric are you going to need? Big, small, medium, extra fabric?
  • Fabric-What type of fabric would you like to go for?
  • Style-What style is best for your room? Swag curtains, simple drapes, tailored pleated curtains?
  • Accessories- What will you need to go with the curtains? Tie backs, curtain poles, valances?

Deciding to go for tailored curtains instead of off the shelf ready made curtains usually means you are looking for the perfect fit. Bespoke curtains are obviously more expensive, just like a tailored suit is more expensive than an off the rail suit. However if quality, perfect fit and durability is what you are after then tailored curtains are the best option. There are various options to choose from and you can decide on the fabric, the pattern, the texture, the accessories and everything else pertaining to your window dressing. This will also mean that your window dressing will be individual and no one else is likely to have exactly the same thing.

Tailored curtains are not for everyone, however if you have that little bit of extra money to spend and you want a unique window dressing then this might be the option for you. Choose fabrics and accessories carefully, making sure they suit the surrounding décor, as once they have been fitted there is no going back, unless you are willing to spend more money on a whole new set of curtains.