With the recessive economy of the past few years, vacations to exotic and faraway locations have become unaffordable to the average person. Therefore, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of camping. Venturing into the great outdoors has once again become the preferred method for many vacationing families. Camping is perhaps one of the most economical ways to create adventure and experience some much-needed rest and relaxation. With just a tent, a sleeping bag and some basic equipment, the sky is the limit when it comes to camping. Most of the equipment needed to get started can be found at very reasonable prices. Cheap tents with decent quality is for sale at a variety of department and sporting goods stores.

As the summer winds down, many of these stores have placed their camping tents on sale. Cheap camping tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most can be assembled quickly and without hassle. Tents today are also light weight and can be stored in a small bag or backpack. Larger tents feature a cabin or cottage-like structure with separating rooms and storage closets. Some of these ornate looking tents have been found to be a bit more expensive than others, with a few challenges to overcome during assembly. However, these types of tents can be purchased on sale for around $225.

Cheap family tents are often available for the best prices at some of the more popular big-box stores. Tents sleeping 7 to 10 people can be found for prices ranging from $100-$150. These tents are light weight, durable and easy to set up. They often have two or three separate rooms, ports for electrical outlets, many windows and screens for excellent ventilation. Some of these family tents also have removable roofs allowing campers to literally sleep under the stars, while having a screen for protection against pesky mosquitos.

For the more adventurous backwoods type of camper, there are several choices in cheap backpacking tents. A well made tent for one or two people can run between 40 and $80. The small tents have several features including easy assembly with very few parts. These tents can be set up and struck and merely minutes. For those who desire the easiest assembly of all, cheap pop up tents may be just the ticket. These tents can literally be tossed out into an open area and pop-up in an instant. Securing these innovative tents to the ground so they cannot blow away in a stiff wind, is the only real labor needed.

With all of the great deals on camping equipment available during the late summer and fall season, cheap tents are not hard to find. Popular companies like Ozark Trail, Coleman, Peaktop, Texsport, Cabellas and Wenzel are only a few manufacturing them. Many discounted tents can be located online as well as in local stores. Though the camping season is approaching the end, there are still many days of sun, summer and fun to be had by all.