Long gone are the days that deer hunters spend their time looking for a place to hunt by going knocking on rancher or farmers doors.  The modern Texas whitetail hunter may not even live the state of Texas  or they may never leave their couch to search for a good hunting lease even if they live close by.  For example we will look at ways to use the internet to find a cheap hunting lease in east Texas that will not break the bank but might end up being the hunt of a lifetime.

East Texas hunting leases are going to come in all different price ranges. Obviously we are trying to get the best price possible on a lease or a hunt by using the power of the internet. The secret to finding the best deals are to Google the terms and see what ads pop up.  Now we need to be very specific in the terms we Google so that the ads that are relevant to the location we are wanting to hunt comes up.

There are about 23 counties that are considered East Texas. So for example we could Google the term “Anderson county Texas deer hunting leases”.  On the search results would possibly be ads showing up for hunting leases in Anderson county Texas , Texas whitetail hunting or East Texas deer hunting.

Ok, what does this tell us? First  we know that there are leases available in the areas that we are looking at. If they were all booked up, they would not be paying to advertise.  That makes sense doesn’t it?

Now that we know that they have leases that are available, we also know that they are spending money to get someone on these leases.  Now we know that there is a potential to get a good deal.

At this point an unused lease is not making the owner any money and it is actually costing them some money for advertising. Now depending on the time of the year, how strapped the owner is for cash and how long they have been trying to fill the lease, it could possibly be a buyer’s market.

Most of the advertisers for the leases are going to have a website that you are sent to through the ad links.   Once there, you will be able to find out a lot of information about the lease location and you should expect to fill out a contact form or submit your email for more information.

It would be a good idea to contact several places to compared the prices and create some competition for your hunting dollar.

You can also visit Texas hunting forums to ask others for recommendations on hunting land in the Lone Star state.  Many lease owners may be active in the forums, so don’t take all the recommendations to heart.

Basically if you are looking to a cheap hunting lease in east Texas you need to get into contact with as many owners as possible by using the internet.  Once you get on their radar, you may be offered a great deal because they know how competitive it is to get paying customers.  Remember that they know that the hunting season has specific dates and they know that is they don’t have money in their hand by those dates, they will have to wait another year.