Classic Style

The cruiser bicycle is also known as a beach cruiser. Finding a cheap cruiser bike with thin wheels may be easier than you thought due to their overwhelming popularity. Considered a hybrid bike, the cruiser is typically a single speed bicycle with straight forward steel construction, although later models feature three gears. This bicycle style was the most popular in the United States from the 30s to the 50s. And as popularity grew, this bike also inspired the modern mountain bike because of it's durable construction. From beach comber bike to street racer, the classic cruiser continues to garner favorable public opinion. Vintage, special edition, and custom cruisers can be quite expensive. However, you can find cheap cruiser models, even with the popular thin wheels, at affordable prices.

Street Skinny

As popular as the classic fat tires are, some cycling enthusiasts wanted thin or skinny tires for their cruiser. The main advantage to thin wheels is increased speed and ease of handling. Skinny tires are primarily used for racing and other competitive sport recreation. The thin tires allow for increased maneuverability. Some cyclists prefer the thin tire because of it's sleek and more aerodynamic appearance. The fat tires give the bike a “slow ride” look, while the skinny tires streamline the bike for speed. Thin tires come in both 20 and 26 inch wheel size. Versatility, speed, and a sleek appearance win out with some riders over the cushioned comfort of fat balloon tires.   

Where to Buy


First, you need to decide if you want a new bike or a vintage model. New models come with factory warranties, and satisfaction guarantees. Used or vintage bikes offer a price break, but generally do not have a warranty. If a used bike becomes damaged or you're not completely satisfied with it's performance, you can't return it for a refund or have it repaired free of charge. Any moving part such as wheels, chain, brakes or gears can easily become damaged and require replacement. Always consider the value of a full replacement warranty on new equipment when comparing the cost advantage to purchasing used cruiser models.



In 1995, Schwinn reissued the Black Phantom to celebrate the company’s centennial birthday and again allow the public the opportunity to own a classic piece of bicycle history. Schwinn offers a wide variety of cruisers and a wide price range, Their exclusive Signature Series of bikes range from around $800 to cheap as $200. Their website allows you to choose two different bikes and compare them side-by-side. You can also use the online location finder to quickly find a dealership in your local area. You can filter your search results by color, speed, gender and MSRP. You can read the bikes specifications, geometry, speed data, and current customer reviews.  


The Electra Global Headquarters are located in California, but there are several licensed dealerships throughput the United States. From the Electra website, you can access their dealership locator and find a retailer in your local area. When you purchase an Electra cruiser, you're joining the Electra Way to Roll campaign. This movement celebrates individuals around the globe who are taking action to make the world a better place. Each Electra cruiser model is featured online and you can view specifications and customer reviews.  

Roadmaster, Pacific Cycle

This somewhat troubled manufacturer has changed ownership several times throughout history. In 1999, all U.S. production of Roadmaster bicycles ceased. Then owner, Brunswick, sold its bicycle division and the Roadmaster brand to Pacific Cycle, which began distributing a new Roadmaster line of bicycles imported from Taiwan and the the People's Republic of China. Currently, Roadmaster bikes, including their thin tire cruiser series, are sold across the united States at Walmart stores. The easiest way to find available models is to visit Walmart online. You can view their current stock of Roadmaster bicycles, compare pricing, and read customer reviews.


Felt cruiser bikes can be ordered online directly from the Felt company website, and they offer free standard shipping on all orders over $100 in the United States. You can use their on-site dealer locator tool to find a local dealership in your area. Felt also carries a wide selection of accessories including handlebar parts and handlebars, seats and seat mounts, gears, rims, tires, tubes, pedals, chain and brakes. They carry men, women, and children bikes and offer both 20 inch and 26 inch models.  


Hiawatha brand bicycles were sold in the United States by Gambles Hardware stores from the 1930′s through the 1970′s. Most Hiawatha bicycles were manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Company or the Shelby Cycle Company, however some were made by Murray Ohio and Huffman Manufacturing. Once the bicycles disappeared from the marketplace, vintage cruisers made by Hiawatha have became much sought after. You can still find them online and in Fort Collins, Colorado at RecycledCycles. The models they have available are completely restored and ready for a lifetime of riding pleasure!

Additional Considerations

Always check with the dealership for special sales and promotions. Bike sales can be considered seasonal and prices can vary greatly throughout the year. It's often difficult to suppress the desire for flashy exterior appearance and focus on internal performance and quality. Maybe you need a small bike for a child, but the child desires one in pink or yellow, and the only models in those colors are too large. Men often make a purchase based solely on price, the cheaper the better. Women sometimes base their purchases on nothing more than popularity. Always access your needs first and keep them foremost in your mind. By being well informed of the product, you can make the best buying decision for your budget. Whether you prefer a lazy loop down a sandy beach at sunset, or a grueling race, the right bike makes all the difference in your overall experience. Knowledge is power in a buyer's market and the key to ultimate success and satisfaction with your purchase. Cycling is one of the most rewarding forms of physical exercise and can be pure joy and exhilaration on a new or classic cruiser!

Beach Cruiser