This information might be helpful to you if you are new to the Springfield, Missouri area, or if you are just driving through and want a great little town to stop by in. Springfield might sound like a small little town in the middle of no where, but it is in fact a bustling city full of young people and fun things to do. For all you outdoor activity lovers, there is the Nature Center. If you take Glenstone Avenue all the way down to the James River Freeway you will start to see signs for it. don't take James River but go a little further and you will find a wildlife park with its own nature center where you can find information on the different animals that live nearby, as well as the beginning of some really neat trails. It is good for those of you who just like to walk or even photographers who can often spot the deer. For the coffee lovers, Springfield has the best little coffee house in its downtown area. It is called the Mud House and is usually pretty easy to relax in during the day. In the evening it is bustling with college students and residents who enjoy its artsy environments and rich coffee drinks. There is another Mud House on the Missouri State Campus, but I would highly suggest the one downtown if there aren't too many folks, and even then it is nice to just grab something and walk around downtown. Just down the street from there on Madison is the town square and fountain, though I am not really sure if there is a specific name for it. It is a bricked uncovered pavilion where people can go to sit or draw. It is surrounded by some of downtowns restaurants and clubs. One of those clubs on the same street that I would recommend looking into is Ernie Biggs Piano Bar. If you are old enough it is a great place to listen to music and enjoy the Springfield night life. I would suggest getting their early if you want a place to sit though. If you like to skate, Jordan Valley Ice Park is usually open to skaters when there are no hockey games or practices. It is a nice big rink and not to hard on the pocket book. Right next too it in the park is the fountains. You can take the kids or just go with friends and play in the outdoor fountain. At night it lights up and can be a great place for a date. If you are interested in getting out of town but don't want to go too far, Branson is just up the road and hosts Table Rock Lake. You might also look into Blue Springs, which is around Mountain View, MO. It is a great little creek that goes for miles. The water can be freezing in some areas where the cold spring come out from the caves, but it is also a great place to swim and explore. The water is really clear and you can take your scuba gear if you have any or go tubing in some areas where the water runs faster. Springfield is great place to live and visit. You might try these things if you have not yet and you will just get a small taste of what smaller cities like this one can offer if you are just willing to explore a little bit.