Metal Plant Stands for Your Home and Garden

Cascading plants are supreme when displayed on a metal plant stand which allows their tendrils to drape as they flourish. They are available in many styles and designs, some with a single shelf and others with two or more. The metal plant itself may be of remarkable design and will serve to enhance the beauty of the plant while others serve simply to hold and showcase the plant.

Varieties of Metal Plant Stands

Metal plant stands are commonly seen in styles rangingMetal Plant Stand from the smallest copper stand with four legs that supports miniature pots to very large copper or brass stands designed similarly to a chef's rack. They may have shelves which are placed directly above one another or they may be the size of a table with several arms each holding a metal tray on which to place a plant. Various stone tops such as slate, marble or granite may rest upon the bottom metal support, wood or all metal are other options available. The legs are often very decorative, with curlicues very common in wrought iron. Long slender legs, four legs or legs that curve together to form a pedestal base may be used for support on smaller stands. The design and function of the stand blend to create a solid decorative support for the plant or plants.

Choosing a Metal Plant Stand

Selecting where the metal plant stand will be placed will help when choosing a style and the type of metal used. The rustic appeal of distressed metal may be beautiful when combined with an elegant lacy fern and placed in and old fashioned garden teeming with blooms. Choosing a more formal copper or brass metal plant stand for use in a traditional living room or dining room to showcase an ivy or fern will coordinate with furnishings and accents. The large baker's rack style metal plant stand will accent a kitchen when used in copper, brass or wrought iron. Using a multi-tiered stand alone or combined with other metal stands in a sunroom or on a porch will allow the fragrant bouquet of flowers to waft throughout the house when placed in front of an open window.

There are simply thousands of styles available in many types of metal and with different finishes, including a copper verdigris finish. The copper will also develop this patina on it's own if purchased new or it may be a faux finish used on newly manufactured planters.

Shopping for a Metal Plant Stand

Shopping for a metal plant stand will open up a world of options online. Many sites offer these spectacular plant showcases, such as garden specialty stores as well as websites devoted strictly to plant stands and flower boxes. Discount stores and garden stores both online and locally will often have at least a few to choose from.

Prices for a Metal Plant Stand

The prices for a metal plant stand vary widely with a simple one being offered for less than twenty dollars. Copper or brass will often be considerably higher and can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes. A metal stand with a spiral style can be found for 16 dollars online that will hold four trailing ivies. A corner stand for a singe plant can be found for as little as 10 dollars and a large set that includes place for four plants outside is as little as 80 dollars. Metal plant stands featuring wood or wicker accents are available as well stands with ceramic or stone plates for the plants to set upon. The stands may be painted, either in one solid color or with a pattern on the shelves. They may have solid shelves or metal wire or bars. The vast selection almost requires some shopping around by the consumer to find the one best suited for the location and then comparison shopping for price.

Metal plant stands are durable and should last for years with very minimal care. Washing with a damp cloth or even spraying with a hose if left in the garden will be all that is required to clean a solid metal plant stand. If combined with other materials such as stone or wood a minimal amount of care will be required for those surfaces. The balance of the weight of the plant and the height of the stand will need to be taken into consideration both for style and for the support system. A tall elegant but spindly metal plant stand will require a light airy plant to not appear or be top heavy.