It pays to buy Toddler ballet shoes cheap and save money on toddler shoes. Kids grow at such a fast pace that spending a huge amount of money for dance footwear can be wasteful to the family budget. Many parents find that kids won't suffer any permanent damage to their feet if their well-fitted ballet shoes are purchased at clearance sale prices. What the little dancer doesn't know won't hurt them.

Parents with small children in dance classes can be hit with super high prices for not only class tuition itself, but the high cost of shoes, accessories, and dance clothing too. Not only are shoes one of the few items that a dance parent will have to buy, as the child grows the ballet shoes will have to be replaced on a regular basis.

When Does A Toddler Need Ballet Shoes?

Toddlers need special shoes if they are going to pre-ballet or music-dance classes. The teacher of the class will advise the parents on the best kind of dance apparel for their child. The shoe will need to be leather in most cases because leather stretches and molds to the foot of the child and also "breathes".

Ballet shoes may or may not have to be the same color and material as what the other kids in the class are wearing. Jumping, stretching, and dancing during class make having a flexible shoe like the leather ballet shoe ideal.

How Are Toddler Ballet Shoes Fitted?

Parents who have no experience with buying ballet slippers may get confused with the sizing charts for dance footwear. Ballet slipper sizes can run smaller than street shoe sizes. If you can take your Toddler in for a personal fitting it will save you the trouble of having to return the shoes back to the manufacturer.

Ordering online is a handy tool for busy families, however. Ordering Toddler ballet shoes online can work very well if you have plenty of time before the Toddler starts ballet class. Once you have established the size of your Toddler's ballet shoe, ordering the next size up in the same slipper model will be easy to do as the child grows.

Toddler Ballet Shoes Cheap Online

Getting the very best prices for Toddler ballet shoes helps many families with tight budgets still be able to offer tToddler Ballet Costume By Costume Creations UKheir kids something in the way of dance-arts training. Ballet shoes are also quickly worn out and become one the most expendable items for ballet training so being cheap (or frugal ) is actually a good thing.

The cheapest ballet shoe I found online for Toddlers was this Bloch leather slipper in pink at You can also save money at:

Payless .com-Ballet slippers for toddlers start at $19.99. Save by waiting until they have their buy-one-get-one free deal. The shoes come in black, pink and white leather. has excellent clearance prices on smaller size ballet shoes. At the time of this writing Dance4less is offering a model called the Economy Ballet shoe for $11.99. This comes in Toddler sizes through age 3. The shoe comes in pink only.

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