There has never been a market for goods near as big as the internet, and that is why I advocate it as the best place to spot great cheap treadmill deals. No one even knows how many different sites are selling the running machines that changed the world not so long ago.

They sell ones with an audio system built in, foldable treadmills, solid as a rock big old clunkers, etc. And the kicker of it is this: they may not be near as expensive as you think. A lot of times dealers just need to get rid of a good, but discontinued line. There are always lots of bizarre decisions made in exercise equipment companies, and if you are in the right place at the right time, you can be the one to capitalize on this buying opportunity.

Let's take the situation of an equipment manufacturer who needs to liquidate a line of treadmills: how are they going to do this? Well, they could base their efforts out of physical stores, but they'll be missing a lot of exercise freak deal seekers.

Instead, if they put their cheap treadmills up for sale online, they're bound to have a lot more success at meeting people like you and me exactly where we are. Plus, it just means less shipping costs for the company itself. It's really a win-win situation, and deals abound in this marvelous venue.

Despite all of this, cheap treadmills are not a dime a dozen. There are still only so many of them, so you can't just take the attitude that they'll literally be there whenever you want. Being on top of the exercising equipment industry, and monitoring these developments, is what will really allow you to pounce on a superb cheap treadmill when it becomes available.

Don't be fooled by low prices that make their money in shipping and handling. This is another lowball trick. It's just common sense, folks; that's all I'm really preaching here. My main message is that you can find deals on pretty much any brand and type if you just look into things a little. And the Internet is the forum upon which many of these agreements come to take place.

Without it, we'd be forced to travel around to five different exercise stores every weekend for a month in order to (maybe) get the same type of cheap finds that occur everyday, all day long on the web. Do this and you'll be off and "running" in no time.