You can find cheap trombones for sale without compromising the standards of quality you expect as you learn to play. They are a relatively simple brass instrument, but selecting a model that fits your needs and budget can be perplexing.

Three major types of trombones exist: straight tenor, trigger-type tenor, and bass trombones. You might have heard of valve and alto trombones, which are specialty horns. We won’t be discussing these because it is virtually impossible to find a cheap model that fits a modest budget.

Three trombone categories are important to understand when looking to purchase a trombone:

1. Student: commonly a tenor model boasting a small bore and made of yellow brass.

2. Intermediate: models are made of higher quality material and a better investment if you are willing to spend a little more. Hisonic Trombone

3. Professional: these models are made from the finest of materials and the greatest of craftsmanship.

Student trombones are usually machine-made, inexpensive, and durable. Most are made of yellow brass, but some are made of rose brass. Cheap trombones for sale are usually best found in the student category, especially if you look at secondhand purchases. Teacher’s recommend: Bach, Yamaha, Conn, Kling, and Blessing. Prices of these brands range from $900 to $2,000.

Intermediate trombones are often made of rose brass or with silver and/or nickel plate. Sometimes you will find sterling silver has been used. These horns usually have a medium to large bore measure .525-inches to .547-inches. Recommended brands include: Yamaha, Blessing, Allora, Jupiter, and Getzen. Prices of these brands range from $1,500 to $4,000.

Trombone with CaseProfessional trombones are a long-term investment. The best models are made of rose brass or sterling silver, causing them to produce incredibly rich tones.

They are lighter weight than intermediate or student horns and respond more freely specifically in the upper register. Recommended brands include: Bach, Yamaha, Conn, Kling, and Blessing. Prices range from $2,000 to $4,000.

Remember: you can find a bargain on a student, intermediate, or professional trombone by comparing models and being open to used instruments; cheap trombones for sale can be found almost anywhere.