Here you will find cheap trumpets for sale online that don't skimp on quality. Perfect for marching band or even just as a personal hobby.

Ronald Reagan—the 40th President of the United States and prior to that a radio, television, and film actor—once said, “Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.”

What better way to start playing some sweet sounding music than learning to play the trumpet? You can find cheap trumpets for sale without compromising the standards of quality you expect as you learn to play.

Three trumpet categories are important to understand when looking at purchasing a trumpet:

1. Student: models designed and build for economy and durability.

2. Intermediate: models are designed for players who have two to three years of experience.LJ Hutchen Trumpet

3. Professional: designed for the professional player and a favorite among serious students.

Student trumpets are made to play well, but they lack the high-end features and attention to detail that both intermediate and professional models offer. Student models are generally inexpensive and should work well for the first 2 to 3 years of playing.

Teachers recommend Etude, Bundy, Allora, Getzen, and Yamaha. Prices range from $100 for an Etude to $1,000 for a Yamaha. You can find cheap trumpets for sale by looking for secondhand models carrying these brand names.

Intermediate trumpets break down into two types: student horns and intermediate horns. Student horns have additional features that include deluxe cases, silver plating, 1st valve slide/thumb hook, and adjustable 3rd valve slide stops. Durability and tuning are improved.

Black TrumpetIntermediate horns are comparable to professional horns, but made with less expensive manufacturing techniques affecting looks, resonance, and intonation. Recommended brands include: Yamaha, Blessing, Bach, Getzen, and Jupiter. Prices range from $900 for Jupiter to $1,400 for Yamaha.

Professional trumpets are high-end, and generally the most expensive. They feature stainless steel pistons, one-piece bell, and heavy or lightweight versions of the features found on intermediate horns. Recommended brands include: Yamaha, Jupiter, Blessing, Bach, Getzeb, and Schilke. Prices depending on models will range from $1,500 to $4,500, which is a lot, but can be quite worth it if you are a pro.

Remember: you can find a discounted bargain on a student, intermediate, or professional trumpet by comparing models and being open to used instruments; cheap trumpets for sale can be found almost anywhere. Now you can get a trumpet and start playing to your heart's content without worrying about the price.