Cheap unitards for dance are more than just discounted dance garments for ballet students. They are being manufactured with more design features than ever before. If you are looking for  a unitard, you are in luck. They now come with a lot of cute options in leg length, top style, back detailing and colors. The following  are 3 versions to consider if you are in the market for one of these garments.

Classic Unitard Styles For The Professional Dancer

What comes to mind when we think of practice clothing for ballet students and advanced dancers? Black leotards or full-length unitards. Garments with long sleeves and u-shaped tops are a classic choice. Although many younger dancers prefer the camisole tops, nothing compares to the traditional elegance of long sleeves and u-shaped bodices. It elongates the lines of the body beautifully.

Try The Long Sleeved Unitard In White Instead Of Black

The classically elegant lines of a dedicated dancer wearing  a form-fitting garment like a black unitard with long sleeves will probably never go out of style. However, even dancers that embrace the tWhite Long Sleeved Unitardtraditional need to mix it up a little now and then. Why not add something different to your regular classical look by switching to a pure white version instead? It may show soil easier, but you must admit that it has a really fresh, pristine look.

Shorter Leg Lengths For Bikers Or Athletes

Outdoor enthusiasts that are serious about minimizing wind drag use a unitard garment that is technically sold as a biketard. You don't have to buy an actual biketard to get the same benefits. It is all about the sleek body-hugging fit and muscle-warming capabilities of the garment. The versions with shorter leg lengths are simply a personal preference for people who bike .

Try A Shorty Unitard With Criss Cross Back Straps

I reallyShorty Unitard with criss cross strapsCredit: love the new designs on shorty unitards that manufacturers are coming out with. The garment is still perfect for dance class, but it has some fashion appeal too. The straps still allow the maximum freedom of movement that all dance students need. Styles like the cross-strap shorty are practical in many ways. Toss on a skirt or pair of shorts and you are ready to head out the door. Perfect for busy dancers!

Tank-Style Tops And Cut Outs For Yoga/ Exercise Class

This is my personal favorite class of unitards; the newer, modern styles and colors. Manufacturers are making the backs really cute and fashionable. The color choices are getting better too.  Some of the unitard styles that are ultra-modern include designs where the sides of the garment are cut out in various patterns. This extra "air-conditioning" is perfect for people who easily over-heat during workouts. The closures are getting more interesting for cutout garments. Zippers are added to these garments to not only make them easy to put on and take off, but as a cute decorative embellishment.

Another great style that can be found online is the athletic unitard that has bodice detailing that accentuates the figure and makes the waistline look smaller. Garments in this category can be  made of more expensive  new-age sporting materials than dance unitards which are basically lycra/spandex blends.

Try A Fun Costume Unitard In A Bright Metallic Color

Are you looking for something really unique to wear when you dance or exercise? I found this bright blue metallic unitard on Amazon. You can find it under the costume category as well. Even though it canBlue Metallic Costume Unitard be considered a costume, if you have the personal style and hutzpah to pull it off, why not?

In all likelihood, this kind of fabric may split at the seams if you plan on doing gymnastics or something equally physical like 100 cartwheels in a row.

This unitard is still a great way to keep an eye on your figure if you do yoga, pole dancing or calisthenics at home. Would a dancer wear this to a professional dance class?

It depends on the type of class and whether it is suitable for the dress code standards of that dance genre. It could look pretty cool for a hip hop class.

The next time you think about cheap unitards for dance to buy online, check out All of the styles shown here  are available on Amazon today at very reasonable prices. It can be a lot of fun window shopping for unitards online.