cheap vacation pacakges

You have worked so hard this year, but you just don't have that much money. But you really want a chance at some cheap vacation packages right? Something so that you can unwind, but not stress out your credit card. But how?

There are creative ways to get good deals, you just have to look at what is available and look at your calendar. For most holidays, there are peak times and down times, and if you can time your days off with the first week of the low time, then you are more likely to get it cheap.

Example: We went to rent a cottage earlier this year. There were prices per week starting in May all the way to October, of course they were mostly advertising July and August, and it was only when we looked closer at their calendar that we noticed a huge difference in price between the 3rd week of June and the 1st week of July. The 3rd week of June was $600.00 for the week and the 1st week of July was $1250.00 per week, over double! Rewards Visa Card
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The reason of course is that most families will still have children in school until the last week of June. If you don't have school aged children, then you could take advantage of this, as this particular cottage included a boat and all modern conveniences.

So, when looking for deals on your next vacation, take a really close look at when there prices change. Many will reflect a weekday leaving for a slightly off season lower price. Some packages will drop considerably if you fly on a Monday for example, and have a 6 day trip instead of a 7.

So, in order to take advantage, you need to make yourself flexible. If you have flexibility in when you can get your time off of work, then you can certainly work your way into a package and save some money.

Check Online Sites

Expedia, and cheap vacations are just a few examples. If you are willing to go last minute, then you can get some great deals online.

Travel Agent

If you know a good travel agent, they can quite often find you some cheap deals. Usually these are trips that have not been filled, and they are looking to fill the last few seats, so they will give a deal.

Online Cottage Rentals

You can get some great rentals, by renting cottages in a particular area. Many of these cottages will register online, and sometimes they will have cancellations that would suit you just fine, and you would benefit from the savings.

Points Credit Cards

Use your points you have been saving on your credit card to help fund these holidays.

So, if you can be flexible with your timing, or are able to go last minute, then there are some holiday deals, that would work well for you. Your credit card would not take such a beating, you may experience places you could not have afforded to go before, and because of the savings, you will have a great time.

The last week of June weather is not going to be much different from the first week of July, and the same for the last week of August versus the first week of September. But you will notice the difference in your wallet with these affordable holidays.