Valentines Day is a holiday designed to express love towards your romantic interest. Many are disillusioned in thinking that the best ways to express love is through monetary wealth. Truthfully, money isn't necessary when it comes to expressing love. This isn't an excuse for you to be cheap towards your Valentine, but a reminder that it isn't necessary for you to blow all of your life savings on Valentines Day in order to express your emotions. If we were all able to, I'm sure we'd spend fortunes on the ones we love, however during these pretty harsh economic times, it's a good idea to remain frugal. There are multiple cheap ideas that can still express the same amount of romance and love that an expensive Valentine's Day would. If your lover is truly genuine, they will appreciate the fact that you are doing the best you can, and money won't be a factor. This is a list of several different ideas that can help you have a cheap Valentine's Day but still be effective in giving your lover a good, romantic, date. Keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily work for everyone, and some lovers may get upset if you don't shell out tons of money on them. This is up to your own discretion, but chances are that they'll be really thankful that you're putting the time, effort, and love into the planning.
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1. Make Your Own Valentine's Day Card - The Valentine's card is a standard Valentine's Day tradition that is a necessity for the holiday. The card carries a lot of substance, and is usually purchased at retail stores that sell the cards for quite a bit of money. A good way to save a little cash, is to simply craft your own Valentine's Day card. It's also a more thoughtful way to express love, rather than purchasing a card that was created in a factory to tell your own personal feelings for you. When creating a card, you should make it as nice as possible. The important thing about creating your own card, is putting enough substance inside to express your love for your Valentine. Tell the person how much you love them and how important they are in your life. Be in depth when doing so, and they'll be thoroughly pleased. The majority of people would prefer a handmade card that's crafted in genuine care over a store bought card that takes five seconds to pick out from a shelf (usually the night before Valentine's Day). This relays the message that you genuinely care enough to put a load of effort into something small and meaningful.

2. Make Dinner - Another way to save money on Valentine's Day, yet still display that you care and love your Valentine is by cooking dinner for them. Preparing a nice meal for someone can have the same effect that eating out at a 5 star restaurant has. It's all in how much effort you put into the creation of the meal. You must first be positive that you can cook a decent meal. There is nothing worse than cooking for someone and having the meal turn into a complete disaster with burnt food or disgusting taste. Valentine's Day would be a horrendous occasion if you have your lover puking from your horrendous cooking skills. If you aren't an acceptable cook, work on preparing your meal in order to hone the craft. Cooking your own food can be extremely cheaper than eating out at a nice restaurant, and just as romantic. Make sure that the mood is set right for the meal. Light candles on and around the table, decorate with cut out hearts or rose pedals, and have beautiful, romantic music to accompany the meal. Be sure to dim the lights to set the mood perfectly. Also, a decent bottle of wine or champagne can be purchased since you're saving so much money on food that you bought and prepared yourself. Another perk to having dinner at your place, is the intimacy and lack of being rushed. You don't have to go anywhere to continue your romantic evening, you can stay in doors.

3. Watch A Romantic Movie - As cliche' as it may be, romantic movies are also a perfect and cheap addition you can use for your Valentine's Day. Romantic movies are always perfect for dates, as it sets a great mood between two lovers. You can watch a chick flick or a romantic comedy, either one would work great for your Valentine's date. Around Valentine's Day, romantic movies are often shown in theaters, which could serve as a wonderful outing on your date. Or you can save money by purchasing a film from the Redbox (As previously covered in another article of mine) and watching from the comfort of your own home. Either one would be a good, cheap addition to your Valentine's Day festivities.

4. Think of A Creative Gift - Good gifts don't have to be purchased from stores. It's possible to be creative and make your own gifts without making yourself look pathetic, and adding a romantic boost to your persona. Good ideas usually come from something straight from the heart. If you're musically inclined, it's a romantic idea to create a song for your lover. This shows that you put a lot of time and effort into crooning them with your musical ability. It also adds a personal flavor to the idea of the gift that you wouldn't get from purchasing something from Wal-Mart. Another good gift idea is a coupon booklet of specific things you'll do for your lover that be used at your Valentine's own discretion. Write a list of several different things you're willing to do, such as take your Valentine out on a date, clean your Valentine's car out, give a back massage, etc. This gift generates the feeling that you're willing to go out of your way for your Valentine and do specific things that will make them happy. Another good idea is taking the time to make a themed mixed CD, filled with your favorite love songs that remind you of your Valentine. These are all basically free to make, and have an extreme personal feeling tied to them so that the gift is very thoughtful.
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By doing all of these different things for your Valentine, you are able to help out your relationship along with your wallet. These simple ideas can help your financial struggles and also have positive benefits for your Valentine. Usually the gifts from the heart have much more of a lasting impact then simple gifts anyone can buy someone from stores or restaurants. Be sure to be as creative and willing to express your emotions as possible through these ideas, and you will have an amazing, cheap, Valentine's Day.