As someone who has received many Valentine's Day gifts I can assure you that cost does not
 matter when giving a gift from the heart. Whether you're entering into a new relationship or have been with a life partner for years apply these simple and cheap Valentine's day gift ideas and show your significant other that you care. Remember that when offering a gift to someone you are saying something. Many don't need to hear "this gift was expensive," many just want to hear "you're special and we have an amazing connection." What kinds of gifts say this to the other?

Comic Book/Page

Cheap Valentines Day Gifts(81226)Credit: RawichOne of my favorite gift items is a personalized comic book or comic page. You can easily design a comic for the one you love by using pictures and captions glued onto construction paper. This gift can be framed or kept in a special place to refer back to. My husband loved his comic page that I designed using ComicLife, a cheap mac based program that let's you easily design and print your own comics. Don't feel pressured to tell an entire story or even design more than one page. I choose to highlight different aspects of our life including the adoption of our cat.

Photo Album

This gift may be cliché but if you've ever received a photo album from a significant other you can attest to it's thoughtfulness. Trying a non traditional approach to the classic photo album one can include photos from candids instead of formal shots. You can also include favorite quotes and notes to share how much the other person means to you and why you hit it off so well. Although purchasing a dollar album from the Dollar Tree is the cheapest route, you can also create photo album books from online shops such as Shutterfly and Snapfish. These sites allow you to upload digital photos, design and order an album. Albums can cost anywhere from $20 to $50. If you go with the dollar tree route an album can cost you between $5-$8 depending on the amount of pictures printed. Always check online for discounted coupons for Shutterfly and Snapfish as well as for printing photos from RiteAid or Walgreens.Cheap Valentines Day Gift Photo AlbumCredit: photostock

A Favorite Recipe

Nothing says "I love you" better than a yummy homemade treat! The art of baking and cooking is getting lost these days with fast food alternatives and pre-packaged sweets. Baking or cooking one's favorite snack can be a great money saver and is still an effective way to show how much you care. Depending on what you choose to make you may have some ingredients at home, leaving you to only purchase extras such as chocolate chips or icing. I really enjoy making homemade buckeyes for friends since this treat can be very expensive in stores. Whenever I make sweets such as truffles my husband can't get enough of them and always thinks of me when he's craving them. The trick to this cheap Valentine's Day gift is the presentation. If you make cookies make sure to present them with a pretty bow or package them in a ornate box. You can find many baked good boxes at Micheals and other craft stores. You can also include a card or a handwritten note with the recipe to go with the sweet. If you are making your special someone a cooked meal, take time to design and give them a menu with creative names of dishes such as "Dustin's Pie Delight." Sometimes the cheesier the better! If you're going to be baking cookies and packaging them you can expect to spend about $5-$10 on a dozen. If you plan on cooking a meal you can spend very little or a lot. Depending on the ingredients a meal can run you anywhere from $10-$60. Just a note; candlelight is always best for romantic dinner-time conversation!

Thoughtful, Inexpensive DateValentines Day DateCredit: photostock

Dates don't have to cost a ton of money or be elaborate to be special. One of my all time favorite dates with my now husband included Taco Bell and cheap grape juice. The way to transform a cheap date into a special one is simply planning. Giving your significant other an itinerary and/or writing about each place that you visit and why you take them there can mean a lot. If you met at a McDonalds; take a quick trip there to get some desert! If you used to drive around in your car without a care in the world, make a mix CD and listen to oldies while taking a simple drive. It's also important to remember that you don't need to go to a black tie event to dress the part. Sometimes it's a blast dressing up and simply going to Starbucks or to your favorite dollar movie. A thoughtful date can also include props such as funny sunglasses or unique hats. Take time to ask questions and get re-acquainted with your love. Sometimes it is fun to re-enact your first date and ask those simple common courtesy questions such as "what's your favorite food?" At the end of the night remember to get those butterfly's for the good-night's kiss, even if you've lived together for thirty years. A cheap, thoughtful date can range from $10 for two people going to a dollar movie and dollar desert to $30 including a restaurant or full meal.

Valentines Day Gift BoxCredit: Master isolated imagesGift Bag With Items That Remind You Of Your Love

Love the idea of giving a gift but don't know where to start? If your budget looks like mine, begin at the Dollar Tree. At the Dollar Tree you can find anything and everything for a dollar that reminds you of your Valentine. Even if you only spend $5 you can put together a sweet thought out gift and present it in a pretty gift bag or wrap each small token. I usually include some food items such as my husband's favorite candy bar or snack. I then include some small toys that remind me of him such as a character figurine or a favorite toy such as a Slinky. In addition to the food and toy items I include practical fun items such as a picture frame with a picture of the two of us or his favorite colored notebook for work. You can accompany your small gift items with a card that tells why you purchased each gift and what reminded you of that person. Inside jokes work really well with this gift and so do memories. If you took a cruise together feel free to include a small sunscreen or silly sunglasses. If there are other items you can't find at the Dollar Tree you can also scour Walmart or Target for favorite snacks or beauty items for girls. Even though it's only a few dollars I love receiving my favorite lip gloss as a gift because someone remembered it was my favorite! Again, remember presentation and make sure to package the small inexpensive gifts in a pretty bag.

Love Coupons

Last but not least you can choose to make your Valentine love coupons. These "coupons" can be redeemed for a number of favors and things. The beauty of this gift(s) is that you really only have to purchase materials to write and design them on and then you're free to determine the cost of each one; if there is any. Many popular coupons include back rubs, dinner, a movie, or a household chore performed by the giver. It is best to keep your love coupons as personal as possible to ensure the thoughtfulness of the gift. Offer a movie night with their favorite movie or offer to do a chore you otherwise would complain about. The amount of coupons given is completely up to you. The prettier the better. It may be worth a trip to the craft store to buy colored markers and glitter to make each coupon special and a little piece of art. You can use a simple design based off a gift card coupon or use a bank check as inspiration. Remember to work on your love coupons ahead of time so that you can put thought and energy into them. No one wants to receive a rushed gift written on paper towels. These love coupons can cost you anywhere from $2 to $20.

As you can see, there are many cheap Valentine's Day gifts that you can give to your partner. If you see one listed that you like don't be afraid to pair it with another one to create an extremely thoughtful gift. Love coupons work really well to include in a gift bag and a photo album may be a nice addition to a thoughtful date. Why not grab coffee while looking through your handmade album together at your favorite coffee shop or enjoy their favorite candy at a dollar movie? To create meaningful cheap Valentine's Day gifts all you need is an imagination and some simple suggestions. Before you know it Valentines Day will be over and you'll be working on next year's thoughtful gift!