Valentines Day is your chance to show your love for the man in your life.  There are plenty of inexpensive valentines presents for men that he will appreciate.  Even if he's not “Mr. Romance” your guy will like that you took the time to show him you care. The good news is showing your love doesn't have to ruin the budget. 

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Give the Gift of Memories

Start by buying a nice looking picture frame. Next find a good picture of you both and add it to the frame for a valentines gift that will bring back memories forever.

Is your relationship not quite that far along yet? A safer option is to put a picture of his family in the frame. Or you could give a picture of his dog, or his sporting team.  The key is to find a memory that makes him smile and give him the visual reminder; he'll love it.


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Add to His eReader

Does your guy have an ereader like a Kindle, iPad? Give him a book to read. I give my father a new Kindle book for his eReader every birthday. He has the option of downloading the book I selected or applying the price towards a different book of his choice.

Keep in mind that nowadays you can also give him a downloadable movie or music CD too. Pick something that fits his style or from his favorite author. A personal gift at a reasonable price – life is good.

Present Him with Your Time

The least expensive valentines option is to give him coupons redeemable for your time. Coupon ideas include giving him a foot rub, watching a tv show you normally don't enjoy, taking on one of his household chores, cooking his favorite dinner (or dessert!), or more.

Use your creativity to make the coupons and have fun with this. Need more ideas? How about breakfast in bed? Or letting him win an argument? And if you'd like to heat things up a bit you can give coupons for some more intimate ideas as well.

Let's face it: there's a lot of guys who aren't into mushy gifts. A gift of coupons that free up his time or give him some of your personal attention makes for the perfect valentines present.

Cute: A Couples' Pillowcase

Couples pillowcases and couples mugs are cute yet practical gifts that show him you care. Look in the BoldLoft collection of couples sets for fun and inexpensive ideas.

All of these Valentines Day presents for your guy are low priced and have a person touch he will appreciate.  Happy Valentines Day!