Cheap vases are available for purchase in many more places than you may think. In fact, often times you are not losing out on design when buying cheap vases. They can be just as stylish and beautiful to the eye, while you reap the benefit of keeping more money in your pockets. Where do you start looking for cheap vases? Try these locations first as they have proven over and over to be excellent places to find cheap vases while not losing out on quality.

A simple search of brings up dozens of cheap vases; many of them may be just what you are looking for. There are many cheap vase styles at - glass cylinders cheap vases_5to fish bowls and many more. The prices are some of the lowest you'll find anywhere.

As well, has cheap vases in bulk. For instance, you can find Eiffel Tower vases - perfect as table center pieces for weddings and special events - for $2 to $4 per vase when you buy twelve or more at a time. If you need a lot of the same style vases at a good price, this is the place to go. You can't always guarantee that some of the other locations listed in this article will have multiples of the same style of vases. Plus, with you don't need to worry about lugging heavy boxes to and from your car. Those vases will be at your doorstep in a matter of just a few days with not a bead of sweat dropped from your forehead.


Your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store probably has many cheap vases ready to come home with you. You may also luck out and find normally expensive vases at rock bottom prices. While the prices are great at Goodwill, there are drawbacks. You never know what they may have, and whatever they have, they more than likely don't have more than one. Searching for the right vase for you may take a lot of visits to different Goodwill stores. That's a lot of gas, which may make your cheap vase more costly than you realize. But if you are the treasure hunting type and have an eclectic home decorating scheme, Goodwill is an excellent locale for cheap vases. cheap vases_4

Craft Stores

A local craft store, like a Michaels, may be carrying some excellent cheap vases that you may love. Because these vases are coming from a reputable chain, you are guaranteed of their quality. Plus, there will more than likely be multiples of the vases that they stock. On the down side, the level of variety does not compare to, and if you need dozens of vases for a special event, these stores current inventories may not cover you. The prices, too, may be slightly higher than or Goodwill. Still, if you need a few of the same vases around your home and don't have the patience to save a bit more by ordering online, this is a great solution for cheap vases.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores can be a great solution for cheap vases. Their prices often compete with cheap vases_3Internet prices and Goodwill. But like Goodwill, you never know what you may find. On any given day there might be a few gems in-house, or you could spend your time (and waste money on gas) shuffling from dollar store to dollar store looking for a steal. Though, if you're passing by a dollar store and are in need of cheap vases, it's certainly worth your time to look.

You can find cheap vases with great quality, and these locations are the best places to begin. is the sure front-runner for variety, quantity, and price, but you can  find some amazing deals at any of these other locales on any given day.