Buying cheap vases in bulk is a great way to decorate your home and to give yourself a lot of new gift ideas on a budget. One bulk purchase of simple vases that you can decorate yourself can provide you with not only decoration for your house but also handmade gift projects for all of your friends and family. You can even extend this value to weddings, receptions and other creative projects with a bit of creative license. In this article we take a look at some of the uses of bulk vases in addition to giving a guide on how to go about purchasing them in a way that will give you the best value possible.

Styles of Vases to Buy in Bulk or Through Wholesale

There are a huge number of styles to choose from, especially if you move into the handmade market. The ones listed below are the most popular options for buying in bulk; making them excellent options for larger projects.

Plain Cylinders - Plain cylinder styles typically come in glass, plastic, stone, or clay and are your more traditional option. These are great for just about any application and will suit most decor.

Hanging - Hanging styles can be just about any shape so long as they are well-balanced. This is because they are designed to be hung from a wall or ceiling. These are a much more eye-catching style and they can be great for parties or bold decor.

Floating - Floating vases typically float in water and have a wide, flat bottom to accommodate for this. The water can be held in a larger vase or in some other water feature. These styles are great combined with naturally waterborne flowers and colorful lighting.

Plain or Colored Squares - Square vases are becoming more and more popular in modern settings as they match the straight lines of modern furniture and appliances. These are often in monochromatic color options, though these single color options are quite varied.

Eiffel Tower Styles - Eiffel Tower styles are a new style inspired by the shape of the tower they are named for. The bottom of these styles usually have a square shape and have four legs. Then the body of the vase extends up very high with a thin cylinder shape, finally blossoming out at the top. This creates a very dramatic effect when combined with a bouquet of long-stemmed flowers. This style is perfect for table displays at dinner parties, as their design does not obstruct the each diner's views of the other dinner guests.

Bulk Vases - They Are Useful for More than Just Flowers!

Party Lights and Table Candles - This is possibly one of the best secondary applications of translucent plain or colored glass vases. You can light candles and place them in vases on party or dinner tables to give off a beautiful glow without the risk of fire. Different colored glass will also give off different colored light, so this can be great for setting the mood of the event. You can even substitute the candles for small lights like the specially made Floralytes. These have the added advantage of allowing you to incorporate flowers into the design. Additionally, you can use hanging or floating styles of vases to give a more dramatic effect. A floating glowing vase can make great centerpieces for your tables.

Decorating and Craft Parties - Buying plain, single colored or clear vases gives you a great opportunity to get your friends together to have a craft party where you all decorate your own vase. Alternatively, you can decorate yourself to make customized gifts for your friends and family.

Creative Storage Solutions - If you get creative with the different styles you can even start to use them as storage solutions around your house and office. Pen and pencil holders are a good start but you can also use shallow styles to hold hair clips, makeup and other similar items. Tall vases with wider bottoms also make good watch and bracelet holders. The options are only really limited by your creative vision.

Where to Buy Bulk Vases in USA and Canada

The thrift store market in the USA and Canada is very vibrant for decorative items such as cheap vases. Often you will be able to find many vases of the same type as well. This is because retailers or other suppliers will sometimes just donate their excess stock each year rather than having to go through stock take on their surplus. Check around to your local thrift stores and plan a day to head in to a nearby city to do a circuit of all of the thrift stores in the area.

Your next options are the craft sections in Wal-Mart and Costco. These sections will usually have bulk packs of plain vase, which you can decorate yourself. These are great if you are looking for something for a craft party or if you want customized event decorations.

The best option in the USA or Canada for someone looking for a particularly large amount of cheap vase-ware is through bulk sellers on eBay and Amazon. Both of these websites are popular outlets for bulk retailers looking to sell their wares to the general public. This option is generally cheaper than your normal retailers though it can be slightly more expensive, then contacting the retailers yourself. The good thing about this method is that once you find a seller you like you can simply bypass the intermediary website (eBay/Amazon) and go directly to the seller yourself. Having a prior relationship will make it much easier to make bulk orders at a discount in the future.

Where to Look in Australia and New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand, there are a fairly large range of cheap craft suppliers such as Sam's Warehouse and the $2 Store. All of these are a good place to start if you are only looking for a one-off purchase. However, if you are looking for a consistent supplier then online sellers like Hospitality Wholesale Products are your best option. These wholesalers have large selections of plain or subtly decorated vases designed for use in the hospitality industry (though they can easily be adapted to other uses). Beyond this you also have the option of bulk sellers on eBay.

Where to Buy Cheap Vases in the UK

Amazon's UK branch is a great option for citizens of the UK, Ireland and Scotland. This site functions exactly the same as the US branch of the website except the UK version features sellers from the UK and Europe, making them far more affordable. You can use this as a way to find good sellers as well. Once you find one who stocks products you like in your price range then you can simply do a Google search for their company name (which can be found on the Amazon website) so that you can contact them directly.

Where to Look in South Africa

You have two really good options for cheap vases in bulk if you live in South Africa. The first is thrift stores, which are extremely popular for upmarket shopping in most major cities and towns. The second is through online sellers like Alibaba and eBay. You should use the first option if you are looking for supplies for a one-off event but if you need supplies more consistently, then the second option is more suitable.