Many people looking for cheap Vera Wang Dresses know that Vera Wang, the iconic wedding dress designer who put couture wedding dresses on the map, has redefined what it means to get married in pure style.

But most women know that these couture designer wedding dresses don't come cheap. In fact, if you feel the need to pick up these dresses at high end store like Saks or Bergdorf, you could pay $5,000 or more.

Vera Wang came on the formal wedding dress scene in 1990 after being a senior fashion editor at Vogue for more than 15 years. Wang has designed for many famous and public women including Karenna Gore, Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton, Uma Thurman and even Kate Hudson. And famous women everywhere continue to make women swoon over the possibility in getting married in their own designer wedding gown.

Cheap Vera Wang Wedding Dresses – The Top Places to Find Them

Cheap Vera Wang Dresses

  • eBay – Of course this is the obvious mention. eBay continues to be a place where expensive wedding gowns can be had for cheap. This online auction site continues to make high end clothing of all kind accessible for women. Everything from Vera Wang dresses to vintage wedding dresses can be found on eBay. Remember to search online for popularly misspelled terms. Vera Wang could be spelled Vira other popular misspellings could also be Vera Weng. Just remember that not all people online from all over the world are well versed in Wang and her designer wedding dresses. Cheap Vera Wang dresses are a real possibility on eBay, just remember to be patient and persistent to find discount wedding dresses.
    • High End Stores like Saks – These high end stores that carry designer wedding and bridesmaids dresses have often altered them for women who are getting married. And for whatever reason women often get fitted for Wang dresses change their minds. Well, let their changed minds benefit you. Ask about discount Vera Wang gowns at these boutiques and request to see ones that are discounted because they've been altered. Now some high end stores don't accept returns on altered dresses, but trust me women who don't want these dresses find loop holes in the policies and the retailer must take the dresses back. You can often save thousands of dollars on cheap Vera Wang wedding dresses like this.
      • High End Consignment Stores – These stores are well known for carrying both vintage designer dresses and new designer wedding dresses. In more upscale areas you can be assured that you will find a discounted high end bridal dress. Again, stay in areas that are swank and ritzy when looking for these types of dresses.
      • Consignment Bridal Stores – Consignment bridal stores are popping up all over the place, and though they are still not a household name everywhere, you can still find great cheap Vera Wang wedding gowns there. Again, many times these dresses have been made to fit, so make sure these items fit you will. You may even be able to get steeper discounts, if you find issues with the dresses, that can still be repaired of course.
        • High End Bridal Rental Companies – If you don't want to buy a cheap Vera Wang wedding dress, why not rent one. There are tons of places online to find wedding gowns to rent. Rental high end wedding dresses are now all the rage.

          As you can see there are tons of places both on and offline to find cheap Vera Wang wedding dresses.