Plantation shutters can be one of your more expensive window treatments especially if you need a custom size. However, they are also the most neutral. This gives you a sleek look that's still very in keeping with tradition. There are a few things that you should really take into account when you shop for interior plantation shutters.

When you go with cheap plantation shutters you need to make sure that they are still functional. This is really going to determine the quality of the piece and how long they last. You want to make sure that these can open and close a lot without breaking. This is especially important with plantation shutters because sometimes they can make your room feel a little bit darker. There are also several different options for how you open and close these items. They can just fold out during the day and just look like a traditional shutter door.

You can also change up where you use these in your home for a very cohesive kind of look. You can find closet doors that are really going to coordinate with this, although it will be a little bit more expensive. You might already have a few of these and you can just paint them to get a very cohesive look.

As far as the color scheme goes you can really never fail with white. This is especially true if you're going with vinyl plantation shutters or faux wood plantation shutters. Sometimes the wood tones are the most convincing. At the same time just a piece that mimics painted wood will almost always work for everyone.

You can also go with much more dramatic wood tones. This has recently gone out of style a little bit. However, if you really want a warmer look in your space and you have a lot of painted furniture then this might be a way to go. You'll probably want to avoid white walls in this instance just because it can seem so stark. Going with a taupe can really help to lighten this up and match the new wood tones in the space. Oak combinations work very well for just a basic Santa Fe or Southwest kind of style.

When you shop for a cheap plantation shutters they can still be a lot more expensive than basic metal mini blinds or even draperies. However, you really need to take the overall look into account. Right now Roman shades are very popular just because they are a sleeker design style. However, you can find pieces that are still going to have this overall theme but be functional for a kitchen or bathroom. The great thing about this is that you're not going to have a pattern when you go with plantation shutters which is going to become outdated. It can initially cost you a little bit more money, but just because of the durability of these pieces and how natural they are you might be surprised at how long they can last you.