Here you will find cheap violas for sale online. Confucius once said, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Your viola is an investment, but that doesn't mean you need to pay full price, there are certainly deals to be had.

Choosing to take up an instrument is a proud decision, and you should couple your decision with an instrument of proper quality. You can find cheap violas for sale without compromising the standards of quality you deserve.

Fun fact: the viola is an essential part of the symphony orchestra. It has four strings and produces tones a fifth lower than the violin; the majority of individuals taking up the viola plan to play in string quartets or orchestras. However, violas are also commonly used in classic, folk-rock, and indie music. Cecilio Viola

Three viola categories are important to be knowledgeable of:

1. Student: models are designed for beginners and often made by machine.

2. Intermediate: models are designed for players who understand the fundamentals of good playing, and are crafted with better quality workmanship (often by hand) and wood.

3. Professional: designed for the professional player and a favorite among serious students, these violas are made of the finest wood and build with fanatical attention to every detail.

Cremona Student ViolaViolas are very child-friendly because they can be purchased in a variety of sizes. You will be able to find the perfect size for any adult or child. You can find cheap violas for sale by searching for secondhand models or brands creating models out of maple.

Material does matter. Violas made of maple have strength, stability, and beauty. They produce proper sound, but are built more for durability and growth than anything else. Violas made of straight-grained spruce are considered top quality. Spruce is able to handle heavy tension while guaranteeing resonate sound.

Yamaha is the best brand for an economical price. A decent Yamaha viola sells for about $600, and a secondhand Yamaha can be found for $100 to $200.

Other brands to consider include Cecilio, Crystalcello, Lauren, Doreli, and Florea. Handcrafted violas will be the absolute highest in price, but they will offer the best sound quality. Remember: you can find a bargain on a student, intermediate, or professional viola; cheap violas for sale can be found locally or online. Now you can have a high quality viola without the high price tag and can enjoy it for years to come.