Most people who love vita water are constantly looking for a cheap vitamin water sale. And that's because vita water or vitamin water really doesn't come cheaply in most everyday stores.

 Cost of Vitamin Water

 The average 20 oz size can cost up to $2.59 a bottle. Though many people think that Glaceau Vitamin Water is so good, paying more than 1 dollar for it is justifiable. But if you enjoy drinking vita water before or after a workout or even with a lunchtime or evening meal, the price can add up. But all in all, most people would do anything to a find cheap vitamin water sale not just because this enhanced water tastes good, but it's also good for you.

 Most people don't even know that what was once Smart Water and re-branded into Vitamin water by a man named J. Darius Birkoff in the 90s, was never apart of Coca Cola in the beginning. It wouldn't be until years later that the Coke would make a very aggressive and generous 4 billion dollar bid for the company. Since Vitamin Water, the company has also come out with a super nutritious drink, Vitamin Water Zero. One of my favorite flavors in Vitamin Water Zero is the Squeezed flavor. What's even better its made from an all natural sweetener, stevia.

Cheap Vitamin Water - Sale

Where to Find Vitamin Water on Sale or for Cheap

  • Write a Letter to Gleaceau Vitamin Water – That's right. If you want to get Vitamin Water coupons you can often get them by writing the company directly and telling them how much you love the brand and would like to receive some coupons for your next purchase. This tactic is often used with success by many people who are brand loyalists. The company knows that this keeps you coming back for vita water and actually are happy that you took the time to write in.


  •  Use a Site Aggregator Companies Like NextTag – Nextag is a site aggregation company. When you go to their website and type in what you are looking for, the site's job is to come back with the best prices. Often times you can find cheap vita water on sale simply using next tag. I found that Walmart had Vitamin Water on sale for a $1.00 a bottle just by using this site. Next tag also lets you enter in your email so that you can be notified on a cheap vitamin water sale.


  • Go to Costco Online and Sam's Club – I happened to just check the Costco and they also had cheap vitamin water on sale 20 bottles of 20oz vita water for $20.00. It's important to check the online sites for which you are members, because often times the same merchandise isn't carried in your nearby store.


  • Use Your Phone App Like the Red Laser App – One of the reasons I love the Red Laser App on my iphone is that I can find virtually any product I want and compare prices when I'm even out in stores. The Red Laser App acts just like the Next Tag website, but you can actually product results when are aren't near a traditional computer.

Remember that finding a cheap vitamin water sale is actually very possible when you know where to look.