Lots of people would absolutely love to become fit and healthy, but are under the illusion that they must work out in a gym to do so. Usually it is these same people who simply don't have the funds to pay for an expensive gym membership each month. If you fall into this category, don't worry you can still become fit and healthy with no cost or very little cost involved.

Cheap Ways To Exercise, Get Fit And Lose WeightIn today's economic climate it just isn't practical to be paying out large amounts of money to join a gym. Exercising and getting fit on a budget is easy. Let's start off by telling you about the most popular free exercise methods that lots of people all over the world use to get fit.

Walking and running will work wonders for your weight loss and level of fitness, plus it will not cost you a penny to do it. You will need to buy a good pair of running shoes though, but the price of these shoes just keeps getting cheaper. Walking and running outdoors does have its downsides though, such as running on roads can put your joints under tremendous strain. It is also so easy to miss a workout when the weather outdoors is bad.

Don't worry, you can walk and run in the comfort and warmth of your own home, by buying yourself a treadmill if you have got the space to house it. One of the cheapest places to buy treadmills is the big online auction website eBay. At eBay you can pick up some fantastic second hand treadmills at highly discounted prices.

Or another good way to pick up a cheap treadmill is by checking out the local classified ads. Usually you will get a bargain because these people are desperately trying to free up some space and as you know a treadmill can take up quite a large amount of it.

Another inexpensive way to get fit is cycling, be it outdoors on a cycle or indoors on stationery exercise bike, again if you are a bargain hunter check out eBay for all the cheapest deals.

As well as doing cardio exercise such as the ones we have just mentioned, it will be a good idea to strengthen and tone up your body using weights. An inexpensive way to make your own set of weights is large plastic bottles filled with water or heavy cans. Use your imagination and you will be able to make your own in no time at all.

Housework is another fantastic free form of exercise to get you fit, everyday jobs around the house and garden will burn off more calories than you know.

Push ups and sits up are another excellent form of free exercise you can do at home. Find a suitable free space in your home, start off slowly and build up the amount of repetitions you can do at each workout. When doing push up exercise alternate the way you perform them, by changing your exercise position. This will ensure that all of your chest muscles are being hit when performing the push ups.

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