Unfortunately, the traditional method of selling your home also happens to be the most expensive. The normal way to sell a house is by hiring a real estate agent who will market it. Their experience should be able to get you the best price. But there is a very expensive catch. Most realtors will expect a commission of between 5-7% on the price of your home. So if an agent sells your home for $500,000, $25,000-$35,000 goes to the realtor. For a long time, it was assumed that this was the only way to sell your home. However, this is far from the case in the modern era.

Printed Advertising
Despite what people say, print is far from dead. Although the internet is available in millions of homes, people who are can afford to purchase homes are often at an age where internet usage is the least of their concerns. This is why advertising in your local newspaper is still a good way to list your home for sale. You place an advert in the classified section of the newspaper and place a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home. If a prospective buyer arrives, you discuss terms and contact a land title company if you come to an agreement. This is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than a realtor but you’ll need to do all the marketing yourself and it is less likely you will sell the home quickly.

Various real estate listing websites are the fastest growing way of listing a home for sale in the world. It is extremely easy to use these sites. All you have to do is enter your home’s ZIP code and look at the options available. You can use these sites for as long as you like for, usually for a fee of less than $1,000. Compare that to the $35,000 spent in the above example.

The options vary depending on how much you spend but it’s possible to add photos of your home and you also receive tips on how to sell the property. Your house can now be viewed by potentially millions of people. The downside is that you’ll need to fill in all the paperwork yourself, play the role of agent at negotiations and show prospective buyers around the home. If you can save $34,000 like in the above example, none of this seems to be too much trouble.

You could always try running a billboard in your local area which will hopefully gain the attention of people looking for a new home. You can place it on busy stretches of road where traffic is always piling up and motorists have plenty of time to see the billboard. You could even create posters and place them on the windows of various businesses if they allow you to do so. However, neither of these methods can compare to internet selling. This is far cheaper than using a realtor, you still gain valuable advice from experienced real estate professionals on the site and you reach a wider audience than with any other form of listing. Power has finally been wrested away from realtors and homeowners can now save thousands of dollars on real estate agent fees.