Decorating Your Dorm for Cheap or Free

 There are many cheap ways guys and girls can decorate their college dorm room. From lighting to sheets and posters, you can save lots of money decorating your dorm. College can be very stressful with studying for exams and such, but decorating and making your dorm look nice shouldn't be stressful - it should be fun!

Use What You Have Already

You'd be surprised how much stuff you think is junk, that you can actually use in your dorm room. First, you may have extra bed sheets, a mattress, etc. Look in your closet to see if you have anything you may want to bring with you to college. There could be countless items you never knew about hiding, that would be perfect for your dorm!

To be honest, dorm room curtains are usually ugly, and every room will probably have the same ones. These are cheap to replace and you may have extra ones lying around someone, too.


Use Craigslist

Craigslist is awesome because most of the stuff you can get on there is super-cheap, and many people actually give away free stuff. Need a mattress? A chair? A lamp or lighting? You can find it all here. Seriously, Craigslist has almost everything you need, if you don't care about the stuff being used, of course.

Create Something Yourself or With Your Roommates

So you don't want to spend $30-50 buying a new poster for your dorm room... how about creating some artwork yourself on your computer? Or painting on the wall? (if your college allows that!).

Dorm(94250)Credit: jeb1.wordpress.comWhat about pictures? This is the best decoration in my opinion. Print out a bunch of pictures of yourself and your friends and family, and put up a collage on your dorm wall. It costs you nothing and you'll be glad you did it! Or, you could blow up a photo of you and your roommates to tape on the door. Costs little and looks pretty cool.

How about Post-its for your wall? These will remind you of important events. You can use different colored ones to look nicer.

Colored chalk is another idea for decorating your wall. It should come off easily and doesn't cost much. You can get a little creative here.

Be a Minimalist

Maybe less is more? In art, the term "minimalist" is means sparing or stripping something to its essentials. If you do less to your room, but make it look neat, you may like that better than overdoing it.

Chip in Money With Roommates

Obviously, if you are sharing a room with three other people, spending money to decorate your room won't be too big of a problem if you split it four ways.

Mooch Off Of Your ParentsDormCredit:

Your parents will most likely be willing to lend you a few dollars to decorate your room! Maybe your grandparents will, too. You shouldn't have to spend your own money to decorate your room - if your a college student, you probably don't have the money to spend anyway!

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to decorate your dorm room for cheap. There are many ways you can decorate your dorm, it all depends on personal taste. But it's okay to want to save some money in the process. After all, your taking on a lot of debt to go to college and you shouldn't have to be broke while you are there! Good luck decorating your dorm room for cheap.