How to save and have fun

It happens: you want to leave the house and do something but you're broke. So, what are some ways you can get out of the house without it costing you much?

1. Take a walk/Ride a Bike

Fresh air and sunlight does wonders to a person's attitude. If you're riding a bicycle, a little exercise will actually help you relieve stress and enjoy your day. Go to the local park or arboretum. Find some interesting trails to follow, especially down by a body of water.

2. Go to the library

Head over to the local library and grab a book off the shelf. You can spend hours shuffling through the stacks, trying to find the right adventure to take home. Also, you can read a book to little children, or volunteer by putting away returned books.

3. Play a sport

Ask some friends, family, or neighbors to meet you at the local park and bring a basketball, football, kick ball, or any ball for that matter. Split off into two teams and play a game. Best 2 out of 3!

4. Go for a swim

Know someone with a pool, or a place where they allow swimming? Get your trunks and a towel and invite a few friends to go with you. If you want a little entertainment while you swim, bring a portable radio.

5. Do a good deed

Go to the local homeless shelter and ask if there's any way you can volunteer your time. Pick up trash along the road or at a local park. Find an organization that plants trees. Ask your neighbors, family members, and friends if they have any food or clothes they would like to give and take it to the local Goodwill or food bank.

6. Go camping

Gather up a tent, a fishing pole, a map, and a compass and find a place to pitch a tent. Invite your friends and make things interesting by betting who can catch the most fish. The one who wins doesn't have to clean or cook.

7. Make a web video

Go outside and make a video with your friends and family members. Do a short montage or write an impromptu script. Use your cell phone or iPod to record everything. Then, post it on YouTube and share it with everyone you know.

None of these really cost any money. All it takes is a little time. Besides, you might learn something along the way or make a new friend. How can that hurt?