It is more important than ever to consider cheap ways to increase a home's curb appeal. The real estate market has taken a real hit in recent years and it is definitely swayed in favor of the buyer. In any community there are foreclosed homes for sale or desperate sellers trying to unload their property before they become the next victim of foreclosure. This all means a great selection for a picky buyer and frustration for the seller that has a house sitting unnoticed in a sea of For Sale signs. What can be done on a tight budget? Plenty! There are many great cheap tips for increasing curb appeal and having a successful open house.

Cheap Curb Appeal TipsIncreasing a home's curb appeal does not have to be expensive. The first thing to do is actually free - tidy up the yard! Mow, weed eat, pick up any trash and remove any dead vegetation. Streamline and keep the yard clutter free. Remove any excess windmills, whirlygigs, lawn jockeys, pink flamingos, kids' bikes and toys and anything else that distracts from your house. Put out a few potted flowers or plant some colorful flowers if possible. Keep it simple and tasteful and try to appeal to a broad market. This whole approach may cost less than$50 for some flowers.

If a fence is old or ugly then paint it. Paint is one of the cheapest ways to increase curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint is like a blanket of clean snow and can wipe the slate clean. The porch is a great thing to paint at this time as well and a gallon of garage door paint can spruce that area up as well. While painting a porch rail or floor, consider a new set of house numbers. This simple update can make a big difference. It would be a great time to install a new outdoor light fixture as well. Again, this is all cheap! Paint will run less than $50 for two quality gallons. A light fixture and new house numbers can both be had for a total of $30 to $50.

If the entrance mat is old and unappealing add some real modern kick by using a cheap carpet square in a cool pattern or even a garage floor carpet tile. These can both be found in all weather styles and many local retailers will have discontinued models for only a few dollars each.

These simple steps only add up to around a $100, but can mean more traffic and more people coming into your home. The better the traffic the more likely that someone will want to make your home become their future home. People need to seek out every advantage so don't miss out on the simple things that you can do quickly and easily to increase a home's curb appeal well before you list with a real estate agent. The money you spend will be returned in multiples during a sale.