Ugly and outdated rooms exist in almost every home and many people rationalize these rooms by saying it costs too much to update it. Updating a room on a small budget is easier than you might think. By using cheap materials in creative ways, you can bring that ugly room up to date on a tiny budget. Here are a few cheap ways to update any room in your home.

Start Re-arranging

The absolute cheapest way to update a room is to completely re-arrange it. Sometimes all a tired room needs is a new take on the same stuff. So, pull out absolutely everything from the room so you are starting with a clean slate and then start placing pieces one by one in new way. You do not have to stop there though. Consider putting a few of these pieces in a different room of the home and bringing in items from elsewhere. You just might find this is all you really need for an updated look.

Get Creative with Paint

The most versatile cheap materials is paint. Most people think that paint is only for the walls, but they are mistaken. Painting mismatched furniture the same color is a great way to give it an update and make it feel more like a set. The same can be done with old picture frames to create an artistic wall of family pictures. Lamps, light fixtures and furniture hardware can all be spray painted with metallic paint to look brand new. If your room is lacking artwork, you can use leftover paint to create your own art. Get creative with paint and your room will quickly feel more updated on even the smallest budget.

Make Inexpensive Slipcovers

Find sheets to use as cheap material at a thrift store, garage sale or even Wal-Mart. Use one of the many free patterns available online to make a cheap slipcover for your outdated sofa. However, slipcovers are not just for couches. Chairs, side tables, benches and ottomans can all have inexpensive slipcovers made for a cheap update.

Cheap Curtains

New curtain to replace that tired old floral print is an easy way to bring a room up to date. These new curtains, however, do not have to cost $50 a window. Cheap curtains can be made from $5 flat sheets or entire sets can be found a places like Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 or less. With options like this, there is no reason to keep those ugly curtains hanging in your soon-to-be updated room.

Accent Pillows and Throw Blankets

Whether you are updating a living room or a bedroom, accent pillows and throw blankets are a great way to add an updated touch. Stores like Big Lots and Wal-Mart frequently carry accent pillows for around $5 and throw blankets for $10 or less. Tap into this inexpensive source of colorful accents to breath new life into your room.

So stop making excuses and start updating that outdated room. A little paint, fabric and inexpensive accents may be all you need to start loving that room again. By the time you are done, you might want to start using these ideas in other areas of your home as well.