Women everywhere getting married want to find cheap wedding dresses under $100. Let's face it, getting married can be very expensive.

You have to consider the cost of the venue, flowers, favors, food and much more more. So sometimes getting a cheap formal wedding gown is the best way to offset the cost of an expensive dress.

The beauty about cheap designer wedding dresses under $100, is that there are so many options both online and offline. But the best wedding dress alternative is renting a wedding dress online.

 Wedding Dress Rentals

 You should consider wedding dress rentals. Why, because you could get a really beautiful expensive dress for cheap. And let's be honest, you'll likely only wear it once.

And given that you only wear a wedding gown maybe once in your lifetime, renting a wedding dress actually makes more sense. You can get cheap wedding dresses under $100 and still have a budget for wedding hair, shoes and other important accessories to make you look beautiful on your important day.

Cheap Vera Wang Dresses

The wedding dress rental phenomenon is similar to the prom gown rental one, it's the idea that these formal gowns you can really only wear once. Who wants to be photographed and seen on facebook and other social sites wearing the same gown over and over.

 This is why renting a formal gown makes more financial sense. You can even get a cheap designer wedding gown like a Vera Wang dress when you decide to just rent.

 Why Rent Your Wedding Dress Online?

  1. Get the Best Dress at the Lowest Cost – Everyone wants to get a cheap wedding dress online. So why not get the best cheap wedding gown you can find. Finding a cheap wedding dress is possible on places like eBay and other auction sites, but when you are really not wanting to spend a lot of money, renting just makes sense.

  2. Get a Wedding Dress Fast – You can get a wedding dress really fast when you consider a wedding dress rental company. Sure, finding really cheap wedding gowns are important too, but time is also money. Your time is also important. So cut down on the amount of time it actually takes to find cheap wedding dresses under $100, and just rent one.

  3. Get What You Want – Let's face it sometimes when you get super cheap wedding gowns, you have to sacrifice what you really want and often you end up with a dress you aren't crazy about and worse yet – a dress you just don't want.

  4. Everybody is Happy – You can even get cheap bridesmaids dresses for under $100 when you rent. Rental bridesmaids gowns can also save lots of money too. And bridesmaids usually hate the dresses they have to buy. Why not just suggest rentals that way everyone is super excited they don't have to spend a lot and best of all they can give the dresses back, especially if they aren't crazy about them.

So as you can see getting cheap wedding dresses under $100 is totally possible with the rental options