Cheap wedding dresses for plus size women are much more available than they were in the past. It used to be that you would have to find a cheap dress that you wanted in a smaller size and hope that you could slim down enough to fit into it or that you could modify it to make it fit properly. This resulted in plenty of unfortunate wedding disasters and wasted dollars on ill-fitting dresses. Nowadays big women can feel beautiful on their wedding days with stylish and attractive dresses that don't break the bank.

More and More Styles of Wedding Dresses Are Available that Flatter Your Form

The choices in styles available for larger women are expanding everyday. In the past women were limited to traditionally styled dresses with long sleeves but new fashions and materials are promoting some much-needed diversity in this market. Now it is possible to get silky and slim dresses that are shaped perfectly to flatter your profile. If you prefer a more modest approach then there are also new styles being developed that are designed to not only flatter a more curvy physique, but to promote it as something to be adored. The end choice of style is up to you because almost all styles are available now for cheap, provided you know where to look.

The most important thing when looking at different styles is to be open to many different options. Try on everything from large gowns to slim silky dresses to get an idea of what works with you and what doesn't.  Be mindful of such fitting issues as pinching under the arms and bulging above the top cut of the dress as these are signs of a dress being too small or fitting poorly. Most good retailers should be able to tell you when something doesn't fit you well but be aware yourself as well.

Where to Buy Large Cheap Bridal Dresses in the USA

Retail Options - IGIG by Yuliya Raguel is the best-known retailer of larger-sized bridal dresses in the USA. They offer sizes up to and including 32 and last seasons stock can be bought at a hefty discount. You can sometimes even buy used dresses (they are only used for one day remember) for well below retail and this is a great option if you are on a budget. In addition to this you also have the option of cheaper size 12 to 32 dresses at Macy's, JCPenny's Asos and David's Bridal. It is a good idea to check out as many of these stores as possible to compare prices.

Online Options - Bridals Factory is an online wholesaler that specializes in dresses for weddings in all sizes. It is possible to get modern and stylish dresses in almost any size through their website for well below what you might pay at retail. Better yet is the fact that they will deliver it right to your door. The only disadvantage to this is that you aren't able to try on each dress before buying, so choose wisely. You may have to get alterations done for the perfect fit as this even happens with retail dresses.

Where to Buy Plus Size Bridal Gowns and Dresses in the UK

Retail Options - The most popular retail store for multiple styles of larger dresses in the UK is Curves and Confetti. This store has everything a larger woman needs to feel special on her wedding day. Prices can vary but sale prices are very favourable.

Online Options - Many UK women have said that they found their larger wedding gowns online through eBay. Buying used is the best way to get a cheap wedding gown because they have only been worn once and are almost always in perfect condition. As always with eBay, be sure to carefully check each seller's ratings and previous reviews before buying to ensure that they are legitimate and always send their products in good condition.

The Best Places to Buy Wedding Gowns for Larger Women in Australia

In Australia, most bridal gown retailers sell plus size dresses but these can vary in price greatly. It's good to go to a few to try on different styles, even if you plan on buying elsewhere. The best way for you to get a bargain is to buy used or to rent. Sometimes buying used is even cheaper than renting but renting will have a bit more flexibility in your options. Use your knowledge gained when trying on options at retailers in order to pick the right style for you if you end up buying used. The best places to buy used are through private sales and online through eBay Australia.

Where to Look in South Africa for Large Sizes of Wedding Dresses

In South Africa you have two really good options for buying discounted bridal gowns; The Bridal Wearhouse, and thrift stores. Thrift stores have a mixture of new and used options in many different styles, though you may have to try a few to find the right one for you. Prices are generally very cheap, though newer options may be quite expensive. If you are looking for vintage style dresses then this is your best option because real vintage dresses are often donated to thrift stores. The Bridal Wearhouse is an online wholesaler that has a range of styles and sizes at low prices.

An Additional Tip - Choosing the Right Color Underwear

Choosing the right color underwear to match your skin and the wedding dress is very important for looking good on your wedding day. Black women and women with dark complexions should opt for dark brown underwear to avoid creating unwanted lines that could break up the beautiful curves of a well picked wedding dress. Lighter skin colors usually work well with cream or white undergarments. Shapewear works well for women that have chosen silky dresses, as it can help smooth out your profile for a sleek look. Black underwear should be avoided unless a thick material, multiple layer dress is being worn. Following this tip and the earlier ones in this article will ensure that cheap wedding dresses for plus size women are something that makes your day special, and not a nightmare.