Cheap wedding insurance is something most couples look for when planning a wedding.

Let's face it, a wedding can be rather expensive and insurance provides the appropriate coverage when the unplanned or unexpected happens on the big day.

Wedding insurance is a relatively new concept but most wedding vendors, like caterers and florist, carry venue insurance all the time. Think of all the things that can go wrong with a wedding vendor. A caterer's building could burn down the night before your wedding.

The money you've paid them is most likely covered under their policy, when they aren't able to deliver on services that they've promised you on your wedding day.

 Cheap Wedding InsuranceAnd to that end, you need the similar coverage that your wedding vendors have. The importance is to get venue coverage based on what your wedding vendors don't cover in their policies for you, of course, to avoid any overlaps and waste of money.

 So is cheap wedding insurance even possible?

You bet, there are certain things you can do to keep your wedding insurance premium low. Again, the first thing you should make sure of, is to make an assessment of all the coverages carried by the people and other vendors who will provide services at your wedding.

For example, the venue you'll be married in, typically has insurance too. You'll want to find out what it specifically is. Generally, a wedding venue, is also covered by fire or some other catastrophe, that prevents your wedding from taking place on your special day. What may not be covered is if someone in your wedding party is hurt dancing at your reception. If there is no coverage, then make sure you carry some type of wedding general liability to cover that kind of loss.

 How Much is Cheap Wedding Insurance?

 Cheap wedding insurance can start at $180 for up to $1,000,000 coverage. Again, to keep your insurance costs low, stick to the company that you already have other coverages with, such as home, life and car. You'll get even cheaper wedding insurance quotes, if you have other policies with your provider.

Another way to keep your insurance costs low, is to make sure that you absolutely need the coverage. What is the likelihood that your bridesmaid dresses are damaged, many venue insurance policies cover damaged wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses and even tuxedos.

Trim costs based on the likelihood of  that damage occuring. And be reminded that some coverage may be covered under your homeowner's insurance or even automobile coverage.

 You should also shop around for the cheapest wedding insurance. But of course, try your current insurance company first. But there are a ton of other options as well. Get at least two outside quotes and remember to make sure that you actually need the coverage.

 For instance there are way more risks at destination weddings than say a local wedding. There are even more risks inherent in a military wedding that require military wedding insurance. But consider the following when needing insurance, and make sure what coverages your vendors have so that you don't duplicate coverage and waste money.

  •  Photographer and Vidographer
  • DJ or Band
  • Caterer
  • Dress Maker
  • Venue
  • Florist
  • Tuxedo Company
  • Limousine

It's also important to remember that everything isn't covered in wedding insurance. For example, if the bride or groom have a change of heart, there is no policy payout.

 But the important thing is that you have the cheap wedding insurance that you need.