Cheap Invitations

The first thing you do when you decide to get married, after telling family and friends, is pick a wedding date. This is only the beginning, however. Now there are guest lists to make and invitations to send out and months of planning ahead of you. Although you will probably want a couple of extra invites for people that may not have made it to the original guest list, invitations do not have to use the biggest part of your budget. Cheap wedding invitations can sometimes be more beautiful than the expensive ones, and they can be found only a click or phone call away.


Cheap wedding invitations can be found almost anywhere. Sometimes you may find them on the internet, but they are less personalized then you might think. You get to put in your information and then choose from select designs and fonts, and sometimes even the wording is not would you would have chosen if you had had any say in it. Many local newspaper offices or printing stores may offer to print wedding invitations, but chances are that even these options are going to be pretty much the same as some fancy invitation catalog without the price tag. There are several options for finding cheap wedding invitations that offer you more control and personalization, and can save you a ton of money.


Printing your own invitations can be the cheapest way to go. With the right printer and paper, you can have cheap wedding invitations that are perfect for your day. They can say exactly what you want and look exactly the way that you want, right down to the picture in the background. Cheap wedding invitations can be just as beautiful as something that you bought, and can cost you much less. Not only can you save on ordering special font types, but you do not have to order more than you need. As long as you have the paper and the saved invitation, you can print those forgotten invites as you go and not leave anything to waste.


Finding the perfect wedding invitation does not have to be the task that takes forever. Get ideas from those expensive wedding catalogs and then find cheap wedding invitations that give the pricier ones a run for their money. A little time and effort can make a huge difference in where you spend your wedding budget. Cheap wedding invitations can look just as expensive as the expensive ones cost, but they will probably be nowhere near as personal. When it comes to your once in a lifetime, personal should be what makes all the difference in how you feel about all of the details of your planning.

Cheap Venues

Looking for the perfect place to walk down the aisle takes a lot of effort, and sometimes a lot of money. Although churches are often free of charge, or based on donations, millions of people get married in churches. Everyone wants their wedding to be as unique as they are, and this is when the wedding venue may become expensive. There are cheap wedding venues out there, however, that can be unique, beautiful and perfect for the day that you are planning. All you have to do is look for it, and have the imagination to envision the transformations that could take place for your wedding day.


Cheap wedding venues can be found anywhere, no matter what the theme of your wedding is. Beaches, parks, and even campgrounds can be transformed into a beautiful place to walk down the aisle, and can be much cheaper than even a mediocre hotel. For simple weddings, a garden venue in your own backyard can cost you very little, if anything at all, and can be one of the most beautiful ceremonies. Some cheap wedding venues may include a lot of what you need for both the ceremony and the reception. No matter what is included or where it is located, however, finding a cheap wedding venue can even save a little sanity.


Everyone knows that wedding planning can be stressful, and so can the wedding day itself. Finding a cheap wedding venue can save stress on budgeting and, in some cases, can allow a little more calmness on your special day. Being in the comfort of your own backyard means being comfortable in your surroundings – which means a beautiful day no matter what the weather is. Cheap wedding venues may not always seem cheap, however, until you look around at all of the others. In some cases, cheap may simply mean cheaper.


No matter where you find your cheap wedding venue, it is important to stay under budget, or at least within budget. Planning a wedding on the beach may be free, but you have to remember that decorations will be needed in order to make the transformation that you are looking for. This is where “cheaper” may be a better option. Decorating cheap wedding venues that come with nothing can sometimes get more expensive than a venue that cost a little more, but comes with almost everything that you need in order to make your wedding special. Cheap wedding venues may come with a beautiful back drop and savings left in your bank account, but the venue itself is not the only thing that you must think about when you are planning. So keep an open mind, use your creativity, and save some money while getting exactly what you want.

Cheap wedding ideas can be used for all aspects of your wedding. From simple, classy wedding favors to cheap, sometimes free, reception sites, there are many ways to save you money without sacrificing your big day. Although there is never any guarantee about what could come up at the last minute, cheap wedding ideas can save you money that can be used for last minute emergencies, keeping you under budget. Staying under budget means that you can take an extra day to relax and pamper yourself, or just put a little extra money towards the honeymoon. No matter what you choose to do with it, it will be worth the research it takes to find those cheap wedding ideas for your special day.