We all probably have a good amount of cheap white plastic hangers; they are a little bigger than wire hangers and as a result they are better for our clothes because they don't produce the same kind of stretch marks on the shoulders. They also are not as slippery as wire hangers and as a result strappy clothes or wide necked shirts and pants do not slide and fall off of them as easily.

White plastic hangers are relatively cheap, although not as cheap as wire hangers, so they are quite affordable to most people and families and they are truly an upgrade for a closet full of wire hangers.

Types Of Cheap Plastic Hangers

White Plastic Clothes HangersThe things that many people don't realize however is that there are many different types of cheap plastic hangers for sale and though many of them are quite simple in construction many of them are quite complex and designed to be very sturdy, form fitting, or slim depending on what you want out of your hangers. There are many different types of plastic hangers and each type can be beneficial for your closet and serve unique and specific purposes.

As we all know a jacket or a large sweater simply can't be hung up on a thin hanger. The weight of the garment requires larger surface contact space with a hanger to distribute the weight over. Without a larger surface the hanger will slowly damage the material over time as it stretches out. Just like you can buy large wooden coat hangers you can also buy similar white plastic coat hangers which can do the same or similar job but as a generally cheaper price.

Satin Padded Hangers For Women's ClothesIn fact even if you've upgraded your closet from wire hangers to plastic hangers which are a little thicker you may also want to consider buying a few larger coat or sweater hangers made of plastic as they can come in handy and be much better for some of your larger garments. Coats will often be sitting on hangers for months on end during the summer months and if you care about keep them in good condition then a dedicated coat hanger is the way to go.

Similarly you should take inventory of the types of clothes you have and learn about the many different types of clothes hangers and how they can help care for your clothing. There are actually many different types of hangers which are designed for specific types of clothes and although wooden hangers are popular for specialty garments plastic hangers are almost always available as well and almost always a bit cheaper than wood.

Some of the most common special types of white cheap plastic hangers are the different sizes they come in. Small or baby sized plastic hangers are perfect for hanging baby clothes on as these types of clothes simply do not fit on normal sized hangers. Your local big box retailer may not have cheap plastic baby clothes hangers in stock but your local baby store might as well as countless online baby retailers or specialty stores which focus on all types of hangers.

On the other end of the spectrum the basic white plastic hanger can also come in oversized varieties which can be much better for supporting plus sized garments. When the hanger is too small for a large shirt or pant the garment is much more likely to simply fall off the hanger or stretch out and become damaged as the neck hole slides down the sides of the hanger. A extra wide plastic hanger provides larger garments a bigger surface and holds the clothes on the hanger without damaging them much easier.

Hangers That Are Also Space Savers

Slim Velvet Shirt HangersIn addition to different sized hangers you can also find plastic clothes hangers in different styles which are meant to hold different types of clothes or designed to hold clothes in a different way. Wire hangers are well known for being space savers as they take up hardly any room and many hanger styles attempt to copy this without giving up their ability to protect clothing. Special space saving non slip hangers have been developed and are made out of plastic and plastic like materials and sold as specialty items for years now. Joy Mangano hangers are just one of the brands that fit this description and they may be a good option for many clothes in your closet as they should hold your clothes better without taking up very much space.

You can also find at specialty stores more specific types of hangers which are designed to hold slacks at the waist bands, which helps to minimize damage to the pants. Dress hangers are designed to hold clothes that have a halter top or have simple shoulder straps which do not work well with all kinds of cheap plastic hangers. There are even hangers which are better designed to handle shirts or blouses over anything else because the contour of the hanger is designed just so.

Different colors and styles of hangers are usually available but hard to find at traditional stores. If you want grey or black plastic hangers you can find them but you will probably have to do your shopping online at specialty stores dedicated to selling the widest selection of hangers possible at the best prices. Usually color will not change the price of a hanger so this shouldn't even be an issue in your decision making process.

Best Price Hangers For The Best Value

Cascading Clothes Hangers - Plastic Hanger Holders That Save Closet SpaceIn the end you should base your purchases off of the needs you have of your hangers and the price point you are willing to pay. Plastic hangers as a group are going to be much less expensive than higher quality wooden hangers however some of the more fancy plastic hangers can get a little pricy especially if they are designed to do very unique tasks like hanging clothes in a slim and space saving way.

All of these hangers are found in stores however the more niche or specialized the hanger the more likely you'll have to shop for it online. Basic cheap white plastic hangers can usually be found in most stores for in small packs in the ten dollar range but online you can buy larger packs and get a slight discount on a per hanger basis. When these benefits of shopping online are paired with the larger selection of specialty plastic hangers which are hard to find in traditional stores it becomes clear that buying your items online is probably the most efficient way to shop and the best way to keep your costs as low as possible.