Finding wide width calf boots is a difficult process. In malls, it's virtually impossible, except for one or two specialist retailers to find wide width boots. Many of these specialist retailers offer boots that fit wide calves, but the fashion element is lacking. The end result? A lot of very similar looking, uninspiring boots. Boring.

Many retailers also add a premium to the price of wide width calf boots, making the hunt for cheap wide boots at a good price more difficult. Hopefully, this article can show you the best places where you can buy cheap wide boots for sale and how to go about buying them.

Where to find Cheap Wide Boots:

The best place to find wide width calf boots is on the Internet. These days, there are many online retailers who offer wide legs boots in all shapes, colors and sizes to suit every budget and every taste.

The disadvantage of course, is that there is the element of risk in buying something that you have not had the opportunity to see, touch, and feel, to assess the quality, craftsmanship and of course the size. Just be sure whoever you buy from has a no-quibble returns policy and then you don't need to worry if you don't like your new wide boots.

The other problem is that no two retailers seem to offer the same sizing guidelines for wide legs boots. So be sure that if you are buying wide width calf boots online, that you take note of the store's measurement guidelines and order the right fit for your foot and for your calf.

Wide Fit Boots Tips:

When you're buying your wide legs boots, don't forget to consider the length of the boot. (This is often called the shaft, and is measured from the bottom of your foot, up the side of the leg, and does not factor heel size at all).

Any boots that finish at a mid-calf point sit on the widest part of your leg, which can make your legs look wider than they actually are. Look for boots that either finish below the mid-calf or just above it for a more slimming appearance. Some wide fit boots stores also offer different height boots, to help avoid this problem.

Cheap Wide Fitting Ladies Boots Stockists:

There are a number of great cheap wide boots stockists to choose from. Names to look out for include:

  • Bella Vita
  • David Tate
  • Naturalizer
  • Propet
  • Ros Hommerson

Cheap Wide Boots Options and alternatives:

Instead of searching down specalist wide width calf boots, if the circumference of your calf (at it's widest point) is under 16 – 17", you may be able to find regular fit boots that you can wear, making them cheaper than regular wide fit boots.

Ugg style shearling boots that fasten at the sides are good (see my review of Emu Paddington boots). Some boots that finish just below the calf will also fit people with plus size legs.

Some boots, if you order a size up from your regular size will also fit okay in the calf. Or, you could consider buying stretch boots, that are designed to 'give' with wear and fit up to around an 18" calf width. If you buy some that are super-tight at first, try wearing them a little lower on the leg for a few days (scrunching them down a little), until the fabric begins to relax a little and then move them up your leg a little at a time until they are comfortable to wear. If your regular fit boots are just a little tight, try taking them to a shoe repair center, and ask them to stretch them for you.

Ankle boots are also very hot this season, so you could consider saving yourself the trouble of hunting down wide legs boots and simply choose a style that removes the need for them in the first place! A lace front, military or Victorian look that finish just above the ankle is very on trend.

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