Home security is important for protecting your family and possessions, but it does not have to be expensive. Cheap window alarms can provide home security for under $20. Most homes only have a handful of doors but may have a dozen or more windows. Many people wrongfully think that a outfitting an entire house with a window alarm system will be too expensive and are surprised to learn the variety of cheap window alarms that are available. Peace of mind does not have to be expensive. All of the alarms below are an affordable crime deterrent and are available locally or online.

When shopping for window alarms it is important to determine how they will be used in your household. What features are desired? Do you want to monitor children or just scare away potential crooks? Are wireless capabilities beneficial? Do you want a burglar alarm that can be actively protecting your home even when you are not there? There is a type of window security alarm available for practically every homeowner and situation. Property crimes are on the rise as unemployment and the recession continues to plague the American economy. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Don't be a victim of petty theft or burglary. Many small-time crooks are just looking for a convenient and easy score. They will not stick around when a window alarm system is triggered and alerting everyone within earshot.

GE Smarthome Wireless Window Alarms

Sears and other retailers carry a 2 pack of these cheap window alarms for around $10. This window security alarm is easy to install and maintain. The alarm emits an ear-splitting 120-decibel warning when the magnetic contact is broken. This model is lightweight and compact. It features an on/off switch to control when it is used and also features a battery test button to ensure proper operation at all time. This alarm works great on doors, too.

Doberman Security Door & Window Defender Alarm, SE-0101

Retailers like Home Depot stock the sleek Doberman Defender Alarm. This is another wireless window alarm that is easily installed in moments. The Doberman is a dual-purpose alarm with both magnetic contact and vibration sensing capability. If a door or window is opened and the contact is broken the alarm will sound. Likewise, if excess vibrations are detected on the glass the alarm will sound. This alarm can also be set to chime mode and used as a way to monitor children or anyone coming or going through a door. The many features of this versatile alarm make it a bargain at less than $20.

Intermatic SP440B Wireless Window Alarm

One of the cheapest window alarms on the market, the Intermatic provides reliable protection for around five dollars. It mounts with double-sided tape to any window and emits a piercing 90-decibel if the magnetic contact is broken. This discount burglar alarm does not offer many whistles and bells and just boasts a simple on/off switch. It is designed for one purpose and easy to use and maintain. The very affordable price allows many people to use these on the road in hotels and motels, too. Many people sleep more soundly knowing they have protection in place.

Reliance Controls THP214 Magnetic Break Entry Alarms

Generally sold as a three pack for less than $20, this magnetic break alarm is a real steal. 100-decibel alarm sounds when the magnetic contact is broken. Peel and stick installation makes this basic alarm easy for anyone to install and set. This is another Reliance alarm that is used by many people who travel in recreational vehicles. This security device offers very affordable protection.

GE 45117 Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm

Another entry from General Electric in their line of cheap window alarms is the Deluxe Model 45117. This alarm features a four-digit keypad. It can be set to either alarm or chime for monitoring children or scaring away the bad guys. It has a unique home and away mode that allows it to be set when you leave and can be turned off within 30 seconds of re-entry. This feature is normally found on more expensive hardwired home security systems. This workhorse is, again, priced below $20.

Reliance Controls THP213 Vibration-Sensing Window Alarm

Upon detecting excess vibrations or glass breakage, the Reliance Alarm emits a shrill 100-decibel alarm for 30 seconds before resetting. This window alarm works great for doors, too. Many people use this peel and stick alarm in RVs and campers. At around $10 each, this vibration sensing window alarm makes a great entry level alarm. Reliance is known for its affordable line of window alarms.

Techko SO81H Magnetic Sensor & Vibration Entry Alarm, Ultra Slim Design

Techko One of the Cheap Window AlarmsThis space age looking alarm from Techko is slim enough to use on any window. Similar to the Deluxe GE model the Techko has both magnetic and vibration technology to protect in two ways. The 90-decibel alarm will automatically reset itself after 60 seconds. It operates off of three tiny watch batteries and includes warning stickers to add an additional level of deterrence. For less than $20, this dual deterrent is a real bargain.

Any of these cheap window alarms above will, hopefully, never go off in your house. However, if the need arises it is nice to know that the loud wail will attract unwanted attention and possibly ward off potential crooks. It is easy to outfit your entire home for under $200 since any of the above window alarms can be bought for less than $20 each. This is such a small amount of money to protect your valuable electronics, jewelry and other easily stolen items. Additional home security measures may also lower your homeowner's insurance policy as well. These window alarms should be maintained. Test the battery and be sure the ON switch is set. It is equally important to not tempt a thief with opportunity. Keep doors and windows locked at all times and avoid shrubbery or trees that hide windows and allow a thief privacy. Perimeter lighting is also recommended especially motion sensor lights. Be alert and be safe and shop for cheap window alarms today.