Window flower boxes create a beautiful look on the exterior of the home. They are reminiscent of a style found in Europe and create a beautiful warm look that entices people to the home. Plants with spiraling tendrils spilling from the edges and beautiful blooms that fragrance the home through open windows are only part of the appeal of window flower boxes.

Choosing Window Flower Boxes

Choosing window flower boxes will involve some research. Ensuring that they are hardy enough to hold up to the elements and will not ruin the exterior of the home where they are placed are two primary Window Flower Boxesconcerns. Securing the planter to the home is generally achieved through the use of brackets and bolts. The boxes themselves will usually be built from PVC plastic, wood or metal. The benefits of PVC include the fact that it can be textured and painted to look like wood but will not rot and is resistant to insects. Metal exteriors can be absolutely beautiful adding charm with their graceful curves. Wooden window flower boxes are generally constructed of either pressure treated lumber, cedar or redwood to resist rot and decay. The window boxes may be built in custom lengths and are able to be attached to almost any home exterior. Liners are available in a variety of materials and sizes to fit almost all size of boxes.

Planting Window Flower Boxes

Planting window flower boxes requires little more than planting any sort of a container. Plan for plant growth in advance and do add too many plants to begin with. Mixing a variety of plants within each box will create a beautiful look. A more formal look will rely on one or two colors and types of plants. Trailing plants are usually mixed with higher ones, and garden plants may be mixed with flowers to combine beauty and function.

The length of the planters will vary, but as a general rule they will be the length of the window they are placed beneath or wider. They are available in a variety of depths and heights. Petunias and geraniums are two flowering plants often used in the boxes as they are hardy and bloom readily.

Purchasing Window Flower Boxes

Purchasing window flower boxes online will provide the widest selection and will allow the buyer to see many different ideas for planting and attaching the boxes. The planters may be available locally as well, although generally with fewer style options. Local lumberyards may be willing to build custom ones planters although the cost may be higher than purchasing them online. Options such as the self watering reservoir and liners will be easier to find online as well.

They may be placed on deck rails as well as rooftops besides just below a window. Window flower boxes may be hung on posts and used on deck floors and patios as well. Their durability and beauty have increased their popularity throughout the years. Some window flower boxes contain a self-watering reservoir and this is a useful feature if time is short or you will be gone during the heat of the day.

A simple cedar box with liner can be found beginning in the twenty dollar range, metal brackets with a coconut coir lining are available under fifty dollars while an entire larger PVC system will go well into the hundreds. Comparison shopping online will give the purchaser the opportunity to compare similar items as well as to research the type of building material they wish to use for a window flower box.

An individual window flower box may be chosen and added to throughout the years. The delightful curb appeal they produce is only seconded by the aroma and fragrance wafting throughout the home when fragrant flowers are planted. Many people choose to use them for garden produce, strawberries are one very easy to grow and harvest plant that adapts well to window flower boxes. Others include cherry tomatoes, peppers, which will look stunning as they ripen, as well as herbs and greens.

Window Flower Boxes are available in styles to accent any decor. Copper boxes will look stunning on a rustic style timber or log home as will ones created of wrought iron. The painted wood or wood look planters will accent a traditional brick home while the wooden boxes work well with almost every style of home. Some will be curved in front, or will have additional detailing, while others will be simply built boxes. These beautiful accents are an easy way to dress up a home.