Cheap workout clothes for women become an absolute necessity when you are trying to workout, keep fit and lose weight while on a budget. Brand name workout gear from retail and gym clothing stores can be extremely expensive because of the high markups. But it is possible to find cheap exercise clothes if you know what you are looking for and where to look. You could even end up getting very high quality brand name but still cheap workout wear with some care. In this article we take a look at everything you need to know in order to get some great cheap gym clothes for women. Some of these techniques will apply to men’s workout clothes as well if you want to take the opportunity to buy something for your male workout partner.

What are the Best Cute Cheap Exercise Clothes to Buy?

Knowing what to buy when it comes to getting cute cheap clothes for workouts is half of the struggle. Getting the right balance between comfort, quality, cost and looks is a tricky thing to do. The biggest secret of professional gym junkies and fitness fanatics who manage to keep their clothes fashionable is that simpler is better. A pair of well-fitting women’s workout pants and a stretch tank top is a great way to start. Sleeve tops and thermal shirts are becoming more popular too for more intense workouts such as rock climbing and cross-country running. If you need shorts to keep cool then the best style to choose is the kind that is fitted well and end just above the knee. Remember that your aim is to relieve stress with exercise so looking your best is a good way to keep calm and when it comes to maintaining a sense of beauty while working out the best women's athletic wear is usually the simplest.

Cheap Yoga Clothing for Women

When it comes to discount workout clothes for yoga classes you need two main things: comfort and fit. When you are concentrating on breathing uncomfortable clothing can be very distracting and when you are trying to stretch the last thing you want is to have your shirt pull up and your pants fall down. As such, the best things you can actually buy are yoga pants and a stretch top. The tops should come down past your hips to cover the top of your pants. Yoga pants should be fitted to your legs but should not be tight when you are just standing, you will need the extra room to stretch.

Where to Buy Discounted Sports Bras

If you need cheap support bras then the best place to try and find the right fit is in a store. While this might not be the cheapest place to buy you cannot beat actually trying some bras on to find the best fitting size. However, when it comes to buying your best choice for saving money is actually through buying online. There are two choices for you when it comes to buying online, wholesale retailers and Amazon. Wholesale retailers ship directly from warehouses that are filled with overstocked pieces of clothing and they offer great discounts on retail prices. Amazon is an online aggregate shop where different sellers come together to sell their wares. Amazon is very competitive and, as a result you can save a lot of money on some great sports bras. Amazon is also very helpful for finding customer reviews of different bras and this is one of the best ways to find out whether a particular bra is any good or not (short of actually using it yourself).

End of Summer Sales on Shorts, Skorts and Singlet Tops

Buying just after summer is a great way to get some extremely cheap pieces of summer gym clothing, which you can save for the next year (or use in a heated setting). When summer wraps up sales for summer workout gear drop off as is to be expected. In order to clear out there summer stock most retailers will have a huge end of summer discount sale and this is the best time for you to go shopping. Smart shopping such as this can save you money in many areas and this is just another great example.

Should You Buy Branded Clothing or Non-Branded Clothing?

When you are buying cheap workout clothing you are inevitably going to run into the question of whether you should buy branded clothing or not. In the end branded clothing is going to cost you a bit more but it also comes with a generally higher level of quality. The tradeoff should be made on an item-by-item basis based on how important quality is for each piece of clothing. Underwear and thermal compression clothing needs to be high quality so you should invest in branded items pieces for these. Pants and tank tops, however, are usually better to just use for a month or two and throw out as they lose their shape and wear out. As such, these items are better bought cheap.

Buying Used Workout Clothes

This might not be an option many people consider but there are a few pieces of your workout gear set that you can buy second-hand to save a good bit of money. Bras, shirts and underwear should never be bought used, as they will not be the right fit, even if they are your size. This is because clothing stretches and changes over time to suit the owner and this does not translate well to another person. Compression clothing, if it is in good condition can be an excellent thing to buy second-hand. Buying used compression clothing can save you a lot of money, potentially allowing you to get a much better brand or model then you were originally planning on. Shoes can also be purchased used if they are fairly new, shoes over a year old should be avoided unless they are barely worn. The final things that you can buy used are workout accessories such as weighted bands. As a woman if you need to save a bit more money then considering cheap workout clothes for women is a great choice.