Having the right wrench set in your tool box or garage is very important to the do-it-yourself-er.

If you're just starting out on your own and you know you're going to have to cut some financial corners by taking care of some projects on your own as opposed to hiring them out, then this article should help you get on the right track with a few helpful suggestions as to what you should buy and why to get cheap wrench sets for sale.

Since wrenches have a wide range of uses from inside your home to outside to your garage, we're going to concentrate on the open-end wrenches and closed end, and which types of sets you should buy.

Closed end wrenches are also referred to as fixed end or box end wrenches. These are a must have for your wrench set. This type of wrench offers you best amount of torque, or turning power, because of the fit over the fastener is complete.

The end of this wrench is a closed ring and when it is the same size as the head of the fastener that you are trying to loosen or fasten, it's going to have a tight grip over it.

Maybe you've noticed already that the wrenches that fit onto really small fasteners are never really that long. Whereas the bigger fasteners have wrenches that are longer.

This is because the bigger that a fastener is, the more torque, or “muscle” there is required to turn it, hence the longer handle. It's important to keep a wide range of wrench sizes in your toolbox for this and other reasons.

You'll find also that closed end wrenches come in either 6, 8, or 12 point designs. This is to both accommodate the different designs on fastener heads, and to give you varying amounts of grip.

The more point a wrench head has, the more grip you get. You'll also want to get a wide range of sizes of open end wrenches for your wrench set. You may wonder at first why there is a need for this type of wrench, but as you start doing more and more projects yourself, you'll find that the open end can reach into tighter spots then the closed end can.

And unless you have never been able to turn a fastener that would complete the job because there wasn't enough room to get the wrench to grip on it, you won't know how frustrating it is. A perfect example of this is when you need to replace a tensioner belt in your vehicle.

There is a specially made wrench set for this job but the main aspect of it that makes it work is that it's an open end design because the bolt you have to turn is in an extremely tight spot. And lastly we have the combination wrench. It is simply a two-ended wrench with an open end and closed end.

This is also a must have for any home mechanic or anyone who likes to fix things themselves around the house. You can find cheap wrench sets for sale online or at your local home improvement store.