Beautiful Wrought Iron Coffee Tables for Your Home

Wrought iron coffee tables are used as accents both around the home and commercially in hotels and restaurants. They are available in modern, contemporary and traditional styles that complement many styles of furniture. Wrought iron coffee tables may mix the graceful elegance of wrought iron with other materials such as wicker, wood and glass to create different looks.

Uses for Wrought Iron Coffee Tableswrought iron coffee tables

There are many uses for wrought iron coffee tables with one of the most popular being in outside bars and around pools. Here they may be used without fear of weather damage and to impart style while being functional. Wrought iron bases can be used for marble and glass tops for the home and for commercial settings such as hotel lobbies. The solid combination of function and style has combined to make the wrought iron coffee tables a desirable option.

Styles of Wrought Iron Coffee Tables

Simple smooth lines will create a wrought iron coffee table style that is modern and sleek. The tops are often created from an iron mesh design that when used in outdoor settings allows moisture to seep through while giving a solid surface to place items such as glasses and books. The graceful curlicues that are very popular in both the South and European countries are a very popular style. They may be produced in wide, thinner pieces of wrought iron or the popular square twists and are often pedestals which are topped with marble or glass. The glass allows the full visual impact of the spectacular craftsmanship to show. These elegant tables are available in many sizes and shapes. Also available are designs with leaves and flowers that may be used both indoors and out.

Creation of Wrought Iron Coffee Tables

Wrought iron coffee tables may be either hand crafted as in the case of many very decorative styles or produced by machine. While black wrought iron may be the first that comes to mind they are offered in white and silver among other colors. Copper tops are a popular choice and may be further enhanced with copper accents on the legs or pedestal. The bases of a wrought iron coffee table may include four or more legs, with straps of wrought iron wrapped around them, or they may be curved into a pedestal or left free. The legs and base are where wrought iron is allowed to showcase its features and designs.

Antique wrought iron coffee tables will vary from newly manufactured due to the type of steel used to produce it. The iron on antique tables will have the appearance of grain, although wrought iron is currently a catch all phrase that refers more to the style than the actual iron. Wrought iron has been used since the 13th century and authentic cast iron is required for heritage work, such as replacement pieces on antiques. For the average consumer the difference is negligible and makes no difference unless replacing damage on an older piece of furniture.

Shopping for Wrought Iron Coffee Tables

Shopping for wrought iron coffee tables can be done locally through specialty shops and home furnishing stores. It can easily be accomplished online due to the vast array of styles available. Choosing a table presents many options, both in size and shape as well as the tops used. If an outdoor table is going to be used a garden specialty or pool supply site may also be a shopping option. Plexiglas or other similar materials may be used for the table top in an outdoor setting.

When choosing a wrought iron table for a commercial use such as a hotel lobby, search through sites that offer commercial furniture. Due to their graceful elegant appeal these are very popular tables and there are many to choose from.

Prices of Wrought Iron Coffee Tables

Depending on the style chosen and where it will be used wrought iron coffee table prices can begin quite modestly at just under 100 dollars for a simple style. The more ornate pieces can go much higher particularly when covered with marble tops or if elaborate hand crafted ornamentation has been worked into the piece.

Wrought iron coffee tables add a unique style to any room. The heavier ones featuring wood tops work well in rustic and timber style homes. Light airy wrought iron pieces, either completed with a woven top or with glass can be very elegant or casual depending upon the design, these styles may also work well on a covered porch or deck. Wrought iron is often used in coastal areas due to its airy design in both black and colored pieces.