Cheap Yankees Tickets For Sale

Many baseball fans wonder how to find cheap Yankees tickets for sale. The House That Ruth Built is a thing of the past and will soon be nothing but a memory. The new Yankees Stadium has already given rise to a World Series Championship team, but also incredibly inflated ticket prices. Fans of the New York Yankees long for affordable tickets, but this may seem impossible and then the dream words appear in an online ad or a flyer posted to a telephone pole: cheap Yankees tickets for sale. This rarely seems to happen in real life, so an industrious fan on a budget must map out a strategy for finding some great seats without taking out a bank loan. There are some places to find cheap Yankees tickets, but timing is critical.


One of the most far-reaching sources for all sporting event tickets these days is the monster that is StubHub. Here fans and season ticket holders list game tickets they don't want or can't use. Obviously, Red Sox - Yankee tickets are always going to be a hot seller, so pick a less popular game. Many season ticket holders dump games with less desirable teams (sorry Kansas City Royals). This is especially true if you shop at the last minute. Desperate sellers will often reduce prices substantially in the days right before an event. Many times unexpected plans cause a ticket holder to miss a game and they will post the tickets at a giveaway price just to recoup some of their investment.


There are always tickets for sale on eBay, but you have to wade through a lot of garbage to find the deals - and find them before someone else. If you want a certain series, it is best to set up a search and receive notifications when an item is listed meeting your search terms. Many sellers use Buy It Now and you wouldn't want to miss out on some cheap Yankees tickets because you only search once a day. Good seats in Yankees Stadium may be listed and snapped up by someone in an hour or less. Having specific saved searches and alerts set up will be very beneficial.


Unexpected plans happen to the best of us and many New York Yankees fans find themselves unable to attend a game for one reason or another. Many turn to their local Craigslist as a way to unload tickets to games in a hurry. Again, these may go fast especially in the Metro area. It pays to check Craigslists in nearby areas like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even Massachusetts. Many fans that find themselves unable to make it to New York for the game will post tickets locally.


It is amazing how many people know someone that is a season ticket holder. It is a rare ticket holder that can attend every game. Many of these fans are willing to offer tickets they can't use at a good price. Some season ticket holders are only interested in marquee events like Yanks - Red Sox and don't bother to see the Indians in town. It pays to keep your ear to the ground.


Enter every giveaway both online or in stores for Yankee ticket giveaways. The ultimate cheap Yankees tickets for sale are the ones that are sold for free! The law of averages hold that if you enter often enough eventually you will score some tickets. Keep at it. It generally only takes a few minutes of your time to enter.

From the days of Hilltop Park to Yankee Stadium to the new Yankee Stadium, the greatest franchise in baseball remains a hot ticket. Fans from all over the world want to experience the team that made Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter and many other greats household names. Cheap Yankees tickets for sale may seem like a myth, but it can happen. Persistence and patience always pays off.