Finding Cheap Yarn - Knitting is back in style. You are seeing movie stars knitting, and you are seeing kids in the hall at high schools knitting. But like most hobbies, they cost money. You still need to find cheap knitting wool. But just where do you find it? Many of the craft stores that sell these supplies, will often be expensive. Plus some of these knitting projects, require a lot of wool.

Where to Find Cheap Yarn - Discount Department Stores - You can start by checking the local discount stores such as Wal-mart and other mall stores, but there is one great place to get cheap yarn and cheap knitting wool, but you have to be prepared to do some digging and be patient. But you can end up with a great supply of cheap yarn and have fun doing it.

Where to Find Cheap Knitting Wool - Reuse it Centers - You know those second hand style stores, or the reuse it center near the dump? I just happened to be at a local "recycling station" and attached to this area of huge bins of cans, bottles and more, was a "reuse section" where people would put boxes and boxes of things they didn't want anymore, but were still too good for the garbage. Not everyone has a garage sale! After a good cleanout, many people will drop their reusable things here.

Every so often, the town employees would try and organize it, but it is hard to do, when people are constantly dropping things off. Anyways, this reuse center, charges for your find, but it is very little. The craft patterns alone were a great find.

So, one day, I was in a good mood, and thought I would check to see what they had. Once I got past the piles of used flower pots, and kids toys, I saw racks of magazines, records (you know those LPs?) and boxes of craft supplies. I figured I might find some cheap knitting wool here, and sure enough I hit the jackpot.

It was like someone cleaned out their basement and craft supplies, and just threw the box here. I couldn't even be bothered trying to sort through the box, I just grabbed it and went to the counter, and she charged my 5 dollars for the whole box. I took my find home and picked through it and found rolls of yarn and knitting wool, knitting supplies, among other things.

So, this is one place to start. If you do not have a reuse center near you, then check out your local thrift store or second hand store, they are bound to have craft supplies and you may just find some cheap yarn in these craft supplies. Sometimes these things don't get separated out, so you can get them for a good deal.

Where to Find Cheap Knitting Wool - Cheap Yarn and Patterns - Garage Sales and Estate Sales are still a great place to find cheap knitting wool. You may need to be patient, and hop from one garage sale to another, but you are bound to find someone that started a knitting project that never finished it, and still have balls of wool. Sometimes all you need to do is "undo" what they started to get even more cheap knitting wool.

Many times this wool is not cheap in quality. I have come across some amazing finds at garage sales. People are having a clean out, and they just want it out. But you had better get to these garage sales early, as knitting has become more popular, and more people are searching out cheap yarn.

Check the ads for the weekend garage sales, and most of the larger ones might give you a sample list of what they are selling, if they say craft supplies, then get there early. You might find other supplies too, and also craft patterns and knitting patterns. As these can be expensive too.

Finding Cheap Knitting Wool - So, if you love knitting, but hate the prices for supplies, and have some time this weekend, then check out these places. Just to recap:

So, get out your phone book, or phone your town office and see if there is a reuse center at your local dump. Many dumps are trying to cut down on garbage by offering a place to drop off things that are still in good shape. Many times these places are free to a good home.

After a garage sale, many homeowners, will not take the leftovers back into the house, but will continue to the dump and many times these things are in the reuse.

If you are willing to dig through boxes at Reuse Centers, Second Hand Stores, Thrift Stores and garage sales, you are likely to find cheap yarn, knitting supplies, other craft supplies and cheap knitting wool, many times good quality products.

You can then knit amazing sweaters, scarves and other projects from this recycled wool. What a great way to fund your hobby.