Having a good small television set is a nice gift gesture for yourself and the family. Finding cheap small flat screen TVs going for sale online will save you some money. Big inch flat screen TVs aren't the most important when purchasing a flat screen television. Of course its nice to have a bigger picture, but a clear picture is the most important. Your typical small television set will be available in 10-17 inch monitor screens. Small enough to be space savers in your home, that go for cheap prices compared to those 30, 40, and 50 inch screen TVs that can cost you thousands of dollars. Some cheap small flat screen TVs can even go under a $100 dollars. Down below is a variation of a few cheap small flat screen TVs that you can purchase for your home.

17 inch LCD Televisions

If you're looking for a space saver and cheap LCD TV that can be used as the television for your family, then 17 inch LCD screens are good purchases to make. They're just big enough for the entire family to sit down and watch television together. Maybe not the idea family entertainment system, but still ideal enough. The Pyle 17" Hi-Definition LCD Flat Panel TV is going online for a pretty good. A lot of online stores have some great deals on flat screen televisions, but these ones are really going at a bargain. Prices can sometimes go as high as $300 dollars online, but prices are around $200 dollars. Some of the features include 262k colors, 1366 x 768 high resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio, 220 brightness cd/m2, 45 vertical degree viewing angle, HDTV compatible for 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i. Multiple languages are available in french, english, and spanish.


A clear picture will be provided for you and the family to enjoy your favorite movies and television shows. You can purchase this cheap and be able to still get a pretty solid picture despite its size. Bigger size doesn't not always mean better pixel resolution.

16 inch LCD Flat Screens to Buy

The Hannspree IK161ABB LCD Monitor 16" features a 1366 x 768 picture resolution, LED backlight 600:1 contrast ratio, 262k colors, 220cd/m2 brightness, and 100 and 80 degree viewing angles. You can put this television on a stand, or have it mounted on the wall. It's definitely big enough to be your living room television. 16 inch television sets aren't too big, but not too small. Plenty of light and clear picture resolution will allow you to sit down after work, and watch your favorites shows, or sporting events in a clear picture. What do customers say? It's gotten rave reviews for its easy installation and quality crystal clear picture. You're not going to find better deals and quality 16 inch flat screen TVs than this one. Not only does it provide a clear picture, its one of the handful of cheap smal LCD TVs that can be purchased online for under a hundred dollars. Save money, and purchase a quality television set. A lot of online stores like gov group, provantage, and nextdaypc are selling for prices under $100 dollars. However, the best deal is going online at tiger direct.

15 inch LCD Flat Screens

Cheap prices are currently going online for the Coby Electronics 15" LCD High Definition television. Some of the features include a 15 pin VGA interface, V-chip parental control, AV input jacks, 1366 x 768 resolution picture, closed caption display, noise reduction, brightness 220 cd/m2, and 600:1 contrast ratio. A very versatile small television set that can be used as your computer monitor or a television screen. Full range speakers provide high quality audio. Audio languages are available in english, spanish, and french. The 15" LCD tv can be mounted onto your wall. It also comes with a stand that can be put onto your television cabinet stand. This small and space saver LCD television can go in your room, living room, or rec room. Retail prices are going slightly over a $100 dollars. You can purchase these cheap small flat screen TVs online at ebay, sale store, comega city, and fad fusion.