Berlin is a capital of Germany and one of the largest (close to 3.5 million citizens) cities in Europe. In addition to that, Berlin is certainly among the most exciting cities in this part of the world. Contrary to some other metropolises, like Paris for example, and especially if you plan to stay long enough to rent an apartment, you can find relatively cheap accommodation. Small apartments with basic amenities can be as cheap as 300 euros per month, even if they are relatively close to the center of the city. Berlin has actually no center in the strictest sense of the word. It has several important centers, such as for example Zoologisher Garten (the popular Zoo), Alexander Platz, and others. If you have to rent something larger than one room apartment with a kitchen and bathroom, then you would need to pay more. If you plan to stay just a few days, the costs can vary from relatively affordable hostels to luxurious hotels in the center of the city. In the luxurious Berlin hotels the prices can vary, and the sky in not the limit. At the more downscale hotels you would have to pay at least around 45 euros per night. It is generally considered that compared to other regions of Germany, Berlin is more expensive, but Munich, and certainly Frankfurt are on the top of the list.

The problem with finding suitable place to stay in Berlin is quite complicated, given all the different needs people have. Very often what is acceptable accommodation for one person might not be acceptable for another. Berlin is known though for many cheep hostels, so if you do not mind sleeping in the same room with 4 or 6 other persons, and if you do not require the extra comfort, go for this option. It can save you a lot of money. You can find cheep accommodation in many of the hostels that Berlin has, for as low as 12 euros per night. Sometimes your friends and relatives can offer you a good tip regarding which of the many youth hostels or student lodgings are acceptable. Another great place to look for cheap accommodation is internet.

Another option definitely worth mentioning are the guest houses. They are often set in small, very quiet streets and can offer private but appealing ambiance. They offer bed and breakfast at acceptable prices which are somewhat higher than those you would pay in a hostel, but certainly lower than the accommodation costs in any hotel.

Your hotel or apartment need not be in the very center of the city. Berlin has an excellent public transportation system. You can choose a more affordable hotel at the periphery, and then you can use the public transport to reach just any corner you like. The farther you go to the outskirts of the city the more affordable your hotel will be. You can then take a subway train (the so called U-Bahn), which mostly operates under ground, or you can take the suburban railway, S-Bahn, which for the most part operates above ground. For shorter relations you can use buses, or street cars. You can even rent a bike. Bicycles are allowed in designated areas of the S-Bahn, U-Bahn and trams, but not on the buses. The regular ticket costs 2.10 euros, and within its two hours validity you can change U and S Bahn, buses and street cars as you like. For your bike you have to buy an extra ticket. People in Berlin are very friendly. They are all willing to help, and first and foremost, virtually all of them speak English. So if you get lost just stop the first passerby on the street and ask for direction.

Once you have found your accommodation, do not hesitate but go out and see as many places as you can. Berlin has many places worth sightseeing. The museums a phenomenal, and actually there is a small island called Museums island wherein the famous Pergamon museum is located. Do not forget to visit the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, TV tower, Checkpoint Charlie, and Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz where you can also take a look at the famous Berlin Philharmonic building. Surely you can take a sightseeing tour with many of the specialized buses you can find close to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. But here is my tip for the end: take the ordinary bus 100 from across the S Bahn station Zoologisher Garten, and you will be able to see most place worth seeing for just the price of regular bus ticket. Finding acceptable accommodation in Berlin maybe appears a little bit puzzling at the beginning, but Berlin will welcome you with open hands and affectionate heart so that you will never forget your stay there.

Berlin TV Tower