Are you a struggling nail technician looking to boost you clientele or maybe raise your average ticket price? Well, then acrylic nail designs may be just the thing to turn your work into the talk of the town. A lot of designs can look very intricate but in actuality only take minutes to apply. This article will provide you with some of the tools necessary to make your work extraordinary. These tools make intricate acrylic nail designs a possibility even if you are creatively challenged and a lot even come with a "how to" guide. Nail polish pens and nail stencils are just a few of the simple tools required for a stunning set of acrylic nails. These items enable you to customize each set of nails you do, perhaps it may be a bridezilla that can't be pleased and sparkle is all she needs for her special day. Or maybe it is a grandma baking cookies for a holiday and she wants a Christmas tree or turkey on her thumb nails to excite the grandchildren. Both of these clients will not only be pleased with your work but will also share it with friends and that in turn will increase your income potential, if this sound like something that would interest you the following paragraphs will give a detail description of some of the different products used in making attractive acrylic nail designs.


Nail Polish Pens and Nail Art Pens

These are two items that are closely related if not one in the same. Nail polish pens or nail art pens are a necessity if doing intricate flowers or other acrylic nail designs.


24 Color Nail Art Polish Pen 2 Way Paint Brush

This set is designed with both a nail polish brush and also a fine pen tip. This product is great for adding sparkle also and has an assortment of up to twenty four colors. You can simply apply directly to the nail or use the brush provided to get creative. This product can be found at for the low price of fourteen dollars. Imagine the cost being that low but the income potential it brings could add thousands to your income over a year's time.


Nail Polish in a Pen


This creative tool can be found at They offer four different kits with up to thirty two color selections. These kits include a brush and pen, instruction booklet, and a registration card for refills. That's right this product comes with a lifetime of free refills making it even more cost effective.

The first of the four is called the "white kit" it contains eight colors. The colors are as follows: pearl white, magenta, green shimmer, sizzling orange, gold sparkle, brown luster, pink diamonds, and blue moon. This kit sounds perfect for the nail client leaving on a cruise or vacation looking for that special acrylic nail design to make her the envy of travel companions. One of the potential nail designs could be a palm tree, a sunset, or maybe a vibrant sunshine to help set her mood before she even leaves the salon.

The second is called the "black kit." There are also eight colors available in this kit. This kit could also be called the kit of primary colors. The colors are very bold but do not shimmer. Green, red, orange, yellow, white, pink, black and blue are the eight colors available in the black kit. These colors will assist in many of your client's holiday needs and could prove to be very useful year round. Pink for Valentine's Day, red and green for Christmas designs, and black and orange for Halloween designs. The possibilities are endless for creative nail designs using these nail polish pens.


Nail Stencils


Another very useful tool in acrylic nail designs is nail stencils. However, in order to use most nail stencils available on the market you will also need to purchase an air brush kit. These tools are exactly like the paint guns used to clear coat your car only a lot smaller. Normally when you purchase an airbrush starter kit it will come with the following items; a compressor, the gun with a few interchangeable tips, several starter colors, and also an instruction booklet filled with how to use the compressor and also how to achieve stylist designs. For instance, the one below has all of the above mentioned items and comes at a reasonable price of only one hundred ninety nine dollars and ninety eight cents. It can be found on two trusted websites; and also U.S. Art Supply. The airbrush depot kit-nail complete nail starter kit with stencils is easy to use and also adds a plethora of options when designing something special for your client. After you have gotten the hang of using your airbrush kit then you may be looking for some new nail stencils to add to your menu of services. The Nailtini Garnish Book of Nail Stencils houses ninety eight different stencils to choose from and can be found on This item only cost twelve dollars but can increase your income up to hundreds on a monthly basis or even thousands yearly.

Another place that carries a wide array of nail design products from nail pens to airbrush kits and everything in between is Working with and purchasing through a reputable company with a good return policy and has great customer service if there are any problems is always better plus they have excellent prices on almost everything they carry. Definitely worth taking a look if for no other reason than to price do price comparisons.

In conclusion, being in the beauty industry definitely has its perks but it is also a very tough field to make a good living in. Expanding the services that you offer your client may be the answer to setting your work apart from the dozen maybe even hundreds of other nail techs in town. For once you can be excited to be the talk of the town!