Concrete garden projects can be cheap and easy and you can do them yourself, without having to hire anyone to do the work for you.  The only real issue you might have is the weight.  This stuff is heavy, so do yourself a favor and buy and borrow a wheelbarrow, so it’s not so hard to lug these things around from the vehicle to your yard.  Okay, enough of the simple stuff.  I would like to share some ideas with you, which you can do on your own, quickly and pretty easily.  Some of them won’t cost much money at all and will actually help to improve the value of your home and make your outdoor space much more appealing and exciting.

Types of Concrete for Easy Garden Projects

There are two basic types which you can use for these projects.  Both are listed below.  Some will work for each of the projects listed.   There are other forms, but these are the ones used in the projects listed.

Preformed: These can be in the form of squares for patios, rounded edging, straight edging, or even as walking stones.  Of course, there are other shapes and forms, but for this article, the ones mentioned will be used for all the cheap and easy garden projects.

In a Bag:  You can buy a bag of concrete and add the appropriate amount of water to it, stir, and let set.  There are different types in the bag; some dry quickly, some take a long time to cure.  Either way, they will need to be mixed together and used before it dries out.

Cheap and Easy DIY Lawn and Garden Projects

Planters:  The easiest way to make planters is to use either straight edging and make a square planter or use rounded off ones to make something circular.  Starting on level ground, simply stack them up to the desired height.  It would be a good idea to use concrete or cement adhesive to hold the pieces in place.  Build them right where the will stay because they are going to be too heavy to move around.  You can build them around a container, or simply go free form and shape them to suit your personal taste and décor needs.

Walkway:  Buy some pavers at the store, or you could make them on your own, which is covered a little later, and set them in place.  Some people simply drop them on the ground and call it good enough, but if you want to have a professional look, you will need to do a little prep work, which includes digging a small area for each paver and adding sand and leveling.  It’s much more labor intensive and time consuming this way, but it will look nicer.  It’s really up to you and you can do it whichever way you prefer.  For a medium size walkway, it will probably cost under 100 dollars.

 Border Edging:  You can do this around rock areas, along a driveway or even bordering a sidewalk.  All will help to make your outdoor area look really nice and give it an instant boost in curb appeal.  Your best bet is going to be placing the pavers or edger bricks flush with the sidewalk or driveway, but you might want them raised a little for borders going around rocked areas or flower beds.  They will look great and really make the property look much better than before.  Many smaller projects can be done for under 50 dollars.

Small Water Feature:  You don’t need to do a fancy waterfall.  A simple five gallon bucket can be used, filled with water, with pavers or bricks placed around it, glued into place.  To make it look better, be sure to use a bucket with similar coloring to the bricks or pavers, so it doesn’t stand out.  Add a water plant or two and it will really look nice.  It will be super cheap, probably under 30 dollars to complete this one, so it's a pretty cheap DIY project to work on.

Raised Flower Bed:  You can draw out your border, mark it with paint, and place the pavers or edge pieces along the path you created.  It will look great and it won’t take too much effort.  For larger raised beds, use multiple courses of bricks and be sure you keep it level.   Add a cap stone to the top and it will look perfectly complete.

Preformed Brick Bench:  Using square or rectangular pieces of concrete, make bench legs, which can simply go straight up.  For the top, you can just use a scrap piece of wood, or you can pour the top seat, following the guideline given below.  It will cost you under 20 dollars to complete.

Poured Bench:  This one will require concrete in a bag.   You’ll need to make two forms.  One will be for the bench top, which can just be a flat square.  The other will be for the legs or base, which could be of various shapes, but should be pretty beefy and not spindly.  Once the forms are made, you can put in the mixed concrete.  You generally need to vibrate it to help eliminate bubbles from forming.  A hand sander can actually work well for this part.  It’s not very expensive at all.  If you have some scrap wood you can use, the rest of the materials will likely run you under 10 dollars, so it’s a super cheap and easy outdoor garden project.

Make Stepping Stones:  Use the same process of making a form.  They can be square or oddly shaped.  To make it look super cool, before you pour the concrete into the form, put a leaf or another item on the bottom of the form, so the concrete molds to the shape.  If you prefer, have a child put a handprint on the top, after you’ve poured it in.  There are countless other ideas as well for cheap and easy concrete garden projects.