If You're Like the Rest of Us...

Painful SunburnCredit: http://www.instructables.com/image/FRTZ28DF1WW1JAM/The-single-most-effective-way-to-get-rid-of-a-sunb.jpg

I don't know about you, but if you're like me you love being outside and in the sun. Unfortunately, my body isn't in the sun enough to develop a beautiful sexy tan in one session, so I normally get a wonderfully painful reminder of my "fun experience" the following day, unless I applied sunscreen. And even then, I may have only applied it once and it wore off, so I got sunburned anyways. But, luckily I recently discovered a cheap and effective solution for quick sunburn relief, which you'll find below.

A Little Background...

So, a few months ago I went to lunch with a friend to a delicious BBQ place where I live. They had a deck out back, so we sat outside and it was a beautiful sunny day. We were out in direct sunlight for about two or so hours, but I didn't think anything of it because it was just my arms and face exposed, which are the parts that normally are. Well, later that afternoon when I got back to my apartment, after taking a quick shower, I noticed…I had a sunburn. Not surprising. However, it was Friday, and I started a new job on Monday morning, and didn't want to show up my first day looking like a lobster. Luckily I discovered a simple and effective solution for relieving the pain and redness of a sunburn quickly.

What You'll Need...

  • A pitcher or jug of some sort
  • Water
  • Earl Grey black tea (I used The Tea Nation brand from Walmart, which costs like $1)


Earl Grey Black TeaCredit: http://www.instructables.com/image/FOROR86F1WW1J8Q/Fill-the-pitcher.jpg

  • Fill the pitcher with warm water and soak the tea bags in it. (I usually fill it about halfway and add as many tea packets to get the water about as dark as the picture below)
  • Strip down, so you don't get your clothes all wet.
  • Next, dunk the rag into the tea, and dab it onto the sunburn. DO NOT WIPE IT OFF! Leave it on and let it be absorbed into your skin. Once it's dry, repeat this process, but never wash it off.

It would be ideal to apply and repeat this process at night. You can then go to sleep and give it time to work its magic, and wash it off in the shower in the morning.

Things to Remember: The sooner you can apply the tea after you get the burn, the quicker and more effective it will be.

My Results

As I mentioned, I got my sunburn on a Friday. By Saturday afternoon the pain was gone and the redness was starting to fade. By Sunday, the redness had faded into a tan rather than peeling. On Monday, I was able to walk into my new job with a smile on my face and no evidence that only two days before I had a painful sunburn. And what I liked about this solution is that it turned my sunburn into a natural looking tan rather than my skin peeling, which is what most ointments and creams do to me.

Hope this helps!