It can be an expensive decision to take on a pet such as a ferret with the need for cages or habitats, food, cage accessories, toys and all the other expenses that seem to pop up. However there are a lot of options available to find these necessities for a fraction of the new cost.  Here are some ideas to help you find cheap and free ferret cages, pet accessories and more. 

Shopping Around for Free Ferret Cages 

For some it is obvious where to look to find something as out of the ordinary as a free ferret cage but for others the following information may not be as obvious. Here are some good places to check out for free ferret cages. 

2Good2Toss is an online site where people from various counties can post items they have that they feel are just too good to throw away. Though some will ask for a small price there is a large selection of free items listed daily. 

Craigslist is one of the more obvious options with an entire section dedicated for people to list free items that people just don't have room for any more or simply no longer need. 

Hoobly is not quite as known as some of the above sites but it too is a free listing site that people can list things for free or charge. Definitely an option available if you are in search of free ferret cages or even a car for that matter. 

U-Exchange is another place to search for free ferret cages or other related pet supplies. This site offers a you an opportunity to exchange things or skills that you have for things you need. is a lot like u-exchange, if you have a service or item and are looking for something else such as a free ferret cage - who knows someone may be willing to swap straight across. 

Local Classified Ads can be another place to keep an eye on if a new pet is in your future. Many times after a move or a number of other reasons people are forced to rehome their pets, including ferrets, and choose to offer up built up pet accessories to others for free or perhaps a deeply discounted price.

Finding Cheap and Discount Ferret Cages 

If you have difficulty finding free ferret cages there is always the option of cheaper or discount cages for ferrets as well. Of course you could start with all the sites listed above because you can find listings for both free and discounted pet supplies. If you find no luck there move on to these next ideas:

Online and offline coupons - Don't scoff! It might surprise you to find just how much money you can save on ferret cages and numerous other pet related products. On occasion the trick with coupons is 1) finding the right deal on a single product or 2) the bigger picture of finding coupons that can help you save on let's say a ferret cage and small animal food or ferret cage accessories. You can combine manufacturer coupons with store coupons so check out some of the manufacturing brand sites and see if they offer free ferret cage discount coupons then check out your local pet store to see if they have deals as well. $5 off coupon at petco along with a percentage off coupon from the manufacturer and you can end up paying only 3/4 to  1/2 price for your pet supplies. 

Discount Ferret Cages(71466)Online deals - Amazon offers a large selection of sellers and some offer deeply discounted prices to where you could potentially pay the price for a starter cage and end up actually getting an upgraded version basically for free. The following is just an example of a deal you could find: Super Pet My First Home Starter Kit for Ferrets(pictured at the right), list price $120 Amazon's ready for this? $70 and free shipping. 

A lot of pet stores like PetSmart and Petco offer online only deals with 20 to 40% off, just for shopping online. Most of these sites also offer free shipping so that just adds to the discounted prices. Want to one up that - they often allow the use of coupons towards online purchases so you may be able to really make a killer deal. 

Whether or not you are able to find free ferret cages or habitats you can find them at greatly reduced prices - the opportunity to save some serious cash is out there, often right at your fingertips. Today's economy forces a lot of consumers to shop a little more frugally which means resellers and retailers every where are having to take those extra strides to stay competitive - if you aren't afraid to venture outside the box you stand to be the one who walks away the winner.