Saving water is important for the environment and, in many cases, the pocket book. The less water the home uses, the less the inhabitants have to pay for water. Find some cheap and free ways to save water around the house with very little effort!

Turn off the sink when brushing teeth or shaving. Most people already turn off the water when brushing teeth, but turning off the water while shaving is an idea quickly gaining momentum. Try it out and see if it's doable!

Even when shaving in the shower, it's possible to reduce water consumption by simplifying your shaving routine. This also takes little effort and can save a lot of water and money over time.

Wash only full loads when using the dishwasher and the clothes washer. This will save on the number of cycles the washing machine and clothes washer needs to be used and saves not only water and money, but also wear and tear on household appliances.

Place a brick (or two!) into the toilet tank to reduce water needed when flushing the toilet. Speaking of flushing the toilet, one of the biggest ways to save water around the house is to utilize a "less flush" policy. Try to stop flushing the toilet at night. Use the rule, "If it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down". Utilizing this rule alone can save sixty dollars or more per year on the water bill.

Plug the sink when washing dishes instead of keeping the water running. If two sinks are available side by side, consider using one sink with soap in it for washing the dishes and the other sink filled with plain water for rinsing. This will cut down on water used for washing and rinsing as opposed to continuing to run the water while washing dishes.

Reuse dish water for watering indoor and outdoor plants. A small amount of dish soap in the water will not harm plants. Rather, a small amount of dish soap will actually improve the health of the plants by allowing the water to get to the roots of the plants more easily. Soap particles collect water and allow the plant's roots to take up and retain water. Using gray dish water will actually reduce the amount of water needed for plants.

For the more adventurous, one easy way to collect water for plants is to hook up a hose to the clothes washer and collect the water in a large utility sink or tub to use for watering plants. This method is best if home made laundry soap or detergent is utilized.

Using rain water is probably the cheapest way to save water around the house! Use rain barrels to collect rain water for watering plants and even for using when cleaning the house or rinsing hair. Rain water is naturally soft and very good for healthy hair. Rain water is also good for cleaning because of the softness of the water.