Those long car and air plane rides can really become boring. For yourself, and for your kids as well. A good portable DVD player can help past some time. However, portable and small compact DVDs aren't exactly cheap. Most of the top selling brands will start at retail prices of a hundred dollars, or more for a quality portable DVD player to purchase online. High resolution picture quality, and quality sound of relativaly small and cheap DVDs are available to buy online. Anything under a hundred dollars is rather inexpensive for a DVD to watch movies on. Even a portable one. You always have the option of purchasing a used one for extremely cheap prices, that might even go as low as $50 dollars. Always beware of buying a used DVD to watch movies on, since the quality of picture, sound, and durability might not be up to par. Down below are some inexpensive portable DVD players that will keep you under a hundred dollars. Travel anywhere you want, and always have a little personal entertainment system to watch movies and listen to music on.

Coby Portable High Quality DVD Players

Not only are Coby entertainment systems are relatively cheap to purchase, they're also some of the top rated DVD systems to buy on the web. You can find some good portable DVD player deals going online for well under $100 dollars. The Coby 7009 portable DVD can be used as a DVD player for cars. It's a single screen player that allows you to enjoy your favorites movies and a collection of music on the road. Works well for plane rides, car rides, or even as your personal office DVD player. A anti-skip is featured for a much crystal clear viewing picture. Other key features include AV output for home theater systems, integrated stereo speakers, subtitles, and parental lock controls. It's a pretty inexpensive portable high quality DVD player that's going for some cheap prices online at amazon, provantage, and sears.


Coby TFDVD7009 7-Inch Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player, Black
Amazon Price: $119.96 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 8, 2015)

Philips Portable Cheap DVD Players

If you really want to save money on purchasing inexpensive small DVD system with high quality, then you should take a look at the deals going for Philips home entertainment systems. The Philips CL4401 7" portable DVD player can really allow yourself to rewind, relax, and enjoy a good movie on this 7 inch screen. It doesn't get any better when buying a Philips high quality entertainment system. Prices are pretty cheap and will keep you under a hundred dollars. Great sound, and a high resolution picture of 480 x 234 makes for a pleasurable portable entertainment system. AV cables, an AV charger, and a DC adapter are all included too. Built-in speaks and 3.5 mm stereo headphones are included. Inexpensive, cheap, and will easily keep you and others occupied while passing time. Cheap deals are going online and can be purchased at amazon and

Philips PD700 Portable DVD Player - 7" Display
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(price as of Jun 8, 2015)

Audiovox Portable High Quality DVD Players

Some of the very cheapest small DVD systems going online might be Audiovox DVD players. Prices can go as low as $74 dollars. Its crystal clear and high resolution picture provides a quality picture. It's pretty durable and you shouldn't have problems with the sound. The battery life might be one of the cons, though. Low battery life isn't the end of the world when it comes to cheap and very affordable Audiovox that actually provide a quality sound and picture. It's a 7 inch screen that comes with a few perks. Features include 2.5 hours of playback, dual headphone outputs, home theater compatible, built-in speakers, and it's parental controlled so the kiddies can't watch the things grown ups watch. You can purchase online for cheap deals at amazon,, and adorama camera.

9-inch Portable DVD Player (DS9521PK)
Amazon Price: $199.25 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 8, 2015)

Sony Portable Cheap DVD Players

The Sony 750 DVD player is cheap, inexpensive, but is a decent one to buy for a really good price for your car. Key features include a 3 hour rechargeable battery, 7 inch widescreen, 2 built-in headphones, car adaptor, and remote control. Good value, features, quality, and performance when purchasing. The Japanese sure know their electronics. Sony is a reputable brand to purchase, especially when it comes to digital electronics. You can find a great deal going online at walmart. You can also purchase online at and B&H photo video audio for prices under $100 dollars.