Cheap Portable DVD Players

It's always awesome to be able to find a good deal on a product. When you're in a financial crunch or are just trying to stay within a budget, being able to land that amazing deal or find that perfect sale can really make anyone's day. So if you're looking for a cheap portable DVD to satisfy your mobile entertainment needs without spending too much, here are a few cheap portable DVD players that are highly rate on Amazon and so are sure to provide more entertainment than they're worth.

Coby TFDVD7009

The Coby TFTDVD7009 is a 7 inch portable DVD player that also outputs CDs, MP3s and JPEG files. This is a compact portable DVD player at only 2.8 pounds yet gives you loads of control with parental locks, camera angle choices, language and subtitle options and has an anti-skip feature if traveling on bumpy roads. Not only is the video praised but good sound quality is also mentioned in the reviews.  None of the high-end features you might see on more expensive portable DVD players, but it does it's most essential job and does it well.

cheap portable dvdCredit: amazon

Philips PET741B/37

This is another portable DVD player that has been reduced in price (wasn't all that expensive to begin with though). Again reduced in price, but not in value. You get 7 inches of pristine LCD entertainment with a 16:9 wide screen image. It's nice and fit at just 1.6 pounds, and looks pretty uniform in all black. A two-hour rechargeable battery isn't the longest in the world, but you get an AC and car adapter to extend your entertainment. The screen resolution is a modest 480x234 and the contrast is an average 200:1. Great for the kids on family trips to grandma's house. There is a lot of praise for this device including its durability.

Sony DVP-FX750

Sony is among one of the most trusted consumer electronics companies around. They're always known to pack tons of features in their products, but sadly this one's an exception. Just kidding! The DVP-FX750 is loaded with features including disc resume for when playback abruptly stops for whatever reason (a feature overload, perhaps), a 12-bit video DAC for the best picture quality, and lengthy three-hour battery life (finally we can take that three-hour tour) and two headphone jacks so you can enjoy that romantic comedy with a special someone. Sony stands by their portable DVD by adding a 1 year warranty for parts and a 3 month warranty for labor if anything should happen. Also included is a remote, all your adapters (A/C and car), A/V cables and an instruction manual.

Trust the Masses

All of these portable DVD players can be found at under a hundred bucks, so whether you're shopping for a child, or just need something inexpensive and durable for yourself, these products should do. But don't take my word for it, just read the plentiful reviews of each product over on Amazon. Nothing can be trusted as much as the majority, right? Actually, that may not be true in some cases, but when it comes to product reviews, most likely that's a good thing. Either way, these companies are known for their consumer electronics and are also quite dependable so don't be afraid to follow the crowd!