If you have recently been invited to a Halloween party (or you might fancy a bit of trick and treating), then it is probably likely that you are now trying to think up some cheap and simple Halloween costume ideas that will do the job nicely.

Well hopefully I will provide you here with just a few basic Halloween costume ideas for girls that can perhaps point you in a certain direction to try and get more of an idea as to what you are wanting to go as.

The Halloween outfits below are trying to not only keep the cheap and simple aspect but also are practical for you to wear (e.g. getting too hot, can't move around very well in it etc.) yet also are looking pretty good on you as well, so that you actually look like you have gone to some effort and fit in well with the Halloween theme.

Choose Your Scary Halloween Outfit Idea from the Movies

The first suggestion I have for you is to try and think of some movies which could either be a horror movie or have some kind of infamous bad guy or baddies, this then pretty much gives you the idea on a plate and all you have to is then see if you could try and base your potential Halloween costume around them.

A few good horror and classic movies that feature potential Halloween costume ideas for girls to think about could be:

  • 'Ghostface' from Scream (Scream 2 has a female killer)
  • 'Samara' from The Ring 
  • 'Kayako' from The Grudge 
  • "Cruella de Vil" from 101 Dalmatians
  • "Poison Ivy" from Batman
  • "Mystique" from X-Men

The Simple and Cheap Female Vampire Halloween Costume Idea

This costume idea fits right into the cheap, simple, yet looks really good and is extremely practical, by dressing up as the infamous vampire. 

You can get ready pretty easily just head over to a fancy dress shop and get some of the following:

Vampire Teeth, Vampire Make-Up, Vampire Outfit etc. - you can also try looking online for such accessories to your vampire costume as well. To add a bit of a twist on to your outfit you could be a vampire who wears an 'I Love Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) T-shirt.

Halloween Iconic Undead & Zombie Costume Idea

If done right, the zombie (or undead) look can be one of the scariest and best looking costumes at the entire party but it is also relatively simple to carry out as well.

You basically have two options either you can apply zombie make up to your face or you can buy an undead type mask such as 'Rotting ralph' online or from a Halloween costume store.

Then for the rest of the outfit you just need to get hold of some old clothes and rip them and dirty them up and make-up parts where your body might expose it, this idea can really be expanded to make it as good as you want, with the amount of effort you wish to put in. But looks good when not a lot of effort is applied either.

You could also add a bit of humor by wearing a 'Keep Calm and Carry on Killing Zombies' T-Shirt as well.

The Standard Witch Halloween Outfit Idea

Again, another great addition to the simple Halloween outfit ideas which was specifically made for women, dressing up as a witch.

Which you can really put your own spin on it, you don't have to be an ugly witch such as 'Reel FX Green With Theater Quality Makeup Costume Mask' you could instead opt for the standard, cape, wand and witches hat and everyone will soon identify you into the Halloween theme - really practical.

Like above, you can really make it your own and range how good you want it to be, depending on the amount of effort you want to put in.